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  • The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a rich variety of venues for group meetings and functions, all serviced by our outstanding pacific islander staff who exemplify true aloha spirit

    Hale Aloha

    Seating Capacity: 650 guests (minimum 600 guests—with some exceptions)
    Availability: Monday–Saturday 7:00am–3:00pm or 3:00pm–11:00pm. Blackout dates apply.

    The PCC’s beautifully landscaped Hale Aloha or “House of Love” dinner theater — home of our award-winning Alii Luau — is our unforgettably spectacular Polynesian setting where groups of up to 650 people can enjoy meetings topped off by a deliciously exotic luau feast — or buffets customized to your desires. This lovely amphitheater-style venue on the Center’s freshwater lagoon also features its own stage for speakers or entertainment, waterfalls, palm trees, four buffet stations, an imu [Hawaiian oven] pit, terraced seating and concrete flooring.

    Hale Ohana

    Seating Capacity: 450 guests (minimum 400 guests—with some exceptions)
    Availability: Monday–Saturday 3:00pm–11:00pm or 8:00pm–11:00pm. Blackout dates apply.

    The Hale Ohana — Hawaiian for “family house,” because you become part of our island family when you join us here — is yet another spectacular PCC luau setting that can accommodate up to 500 people under a high roof with island-style open walls. The Hale Ohana also features award-winning landscaping, a waterfall, its own stage, two buffet stations, two drink stations, one entrance, and concrete flooring. In addition to our own Alii Luau, our experienced staff can configure the Hale Ohana for a variety of meetings, or meals ranging from snacks and refreshments to a full-on feast.

    School House

    Seating Capacity: 50 guests (minimum 25 guests—with some exceptions) Availability: Monday–Saturday 7:00am–10:00am. Blackout dates apply. The School House is a true Polynesian gem for smaller groups of up to 50 people, who will enjoy its thatched-roof open-wall ambiance. It is situated in the PCC’s islands and surrounded by rich tropical landscaping. Our well-trained staff can configure it for meetings and/or meals. The School House also features single-level access and concrete flooring.

    Gateway Terrace

    Seating Capacity: 160 guests (minimum 75 guests—with some exceptions) Availability: Monday–Saturday 7:00am–10:00am. Blackout dates apply. The Gateway Terrace, which abuts The Gateway Restaurant, provides possibilities for up to 160 people under an open air Hawaiian lanai [patio] style roof. Our experienced staff can set the Terrace up in meeting and/or dining configurations. The venue also features tropical landscaping, views of the PCC’s freshwater lagoon, two drink stations, one entrance and concrete flooring.

    Gateway Restaurant

    Seating Capacity: 1050 guests (minimum 750 guests—with some exceptions) The Gateway features: 24,500 square feet of space, designed so the tables can be easily removed and other functions put on inside. All 38 interior columns are fashioned after giant koa logs. In fact, everything in this building has been designed as if it were carved by hand,” Grace said. Each of the doors are 12 feet tall, six feet wide, weigh 1,100 pounds, and feature ‘ulu or breadfruit and taro motifs, “both of which have sustained the Polynesians over the centuries.” A 500-plus-foot mural encircles the upper interior, and includes segments of Hawaiian chief’s welcoming guests as well as the Polynesian people represented at the PCC and Hawaii’s multi-ethnic people. “With a total of over 5,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest murals in the world,” Grace said. A replica of a 2,000-year-old “holy bronze kettle” representing the ancient China Kingdom of Dian and sent to the Polynesian Cultural Center by the Yunnan Nationalities Villages of Kunming, Yunnan, China, is on display near the southern door of the Gateway. The food stations are set against the mauka wall for non-disruptive replenishment. The dining tables feature inlaid tapa cloth. The air circulation system can totally refresh all of the air within the building every three minutes.

    Pacific Theater

    Seating Capacity: 2,700 guests (minimum 1,000 guests—with some exceptions) Availability: Monday–Saturday 7:00am–4:00pm. Blackout dates apply. The 2,700-seat Pacific Theater is the home of the Polynesian Cultural Center’s world-famous evening show, but it’s available during the daytime for all kinds of large gatherings, performances and presentations. This dramatic, covered amphitheater features lush tropical landscaping, waterfalls, terraced seating, a concrete floor, wide stage, dressing and staging areas, a spectacular mountain backdrop and even volcanoes. There are two main entries to the Pacific Theater area, and six portals into the theater, which is handicapped accessible.

    Ambassador Restaurant

    Seating Capacity: 250 guests Availability: 200 guests Information coming Soon.

  • If you would like to reserve one of our special cultural venues for your event, please contact:

    Group Sales
    Phone: 808-293-3122


    The PCC’s Samoan village is a remarkable representation of this ancient Polynesian society, highlighted by the chief’s maota — which can accommodate up to 200 people, the guest fale and family home — all surrounding a central malae or village green. An open-air demonstration area under a large, shady banyan tree can also seat about 200 people. In short, a very unique place to meet.


    The PCC’s Maori New Zealand village — which translates as “the land of the long white cloud” — captures the essence of the traditional Polynesian way of life in those beautiful far-off islands. The large whare runanga — meeting house, or house of learning — features superbly hand-carved and decorated panels that actually tell the history of the Maori people, and can seat up to 150 people. There are also a chief’s house, family dwelling, traditional war canoe and other unique features surrounding the village marae or green.


    The Fijian village, with its iconic Bure Kalou or “spirit house” jutting into the sky, represents an ancient island culture whose buildings are filled with rich symbolism. For example, the bamboo-sided chief’s Vale Levu or “great house” has one door reserved only for his use. The Vale Ni Bose or “meeting house” can seat 50 people.


    The Hawaiian village portrays the historical Polynesian lifestyle of our home islands, and includes the new Halau Wa’a or “canoe house” where our neighbors in the BYUH Hawaiian Studies program berth their 57-foot traditional twin-hulled Hawaiian sailing canoe, the Iosepa. Everyone is welcome to see and examine this beautifully impressive canoe — except when it’s sailing. In addition to waterfalls, a stream, poi sampling and more, another halau or learning center can seat 100+ people.


    The PCC’s Tahitian village, representing all of French Polynesia, is a great place to learn a little tamure — the fast hip-shaking dance of these fabled islands, and delve into the other aspects of Tahitian culture. The Fare Heiva or “celebration house” can seat up to 150 people in the shade...when they’re not dancing, that is.


    The Tongan village is another example of traditional Polynesian lifestyles, but with the added royal touch of the scale-replica Fale Fakatu’i or “summer palace” approved for inclusion in the PCC by her late majesty Queen Salote. Other Tongan royalty have visited the PCC many times over the years since...but everyone who visits the village gets regal attention and service. A drumming amphitheater can seat up to 150 people.

  • The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a variety of services to help make your event organized, entertaining, and unforgettable.

    For more information about available services for your specific event, please contact:

    Group Sales
    Phone: 808-293-3122

    Private Meeting, Meal, or Special Event Inclusions

    Special Events Manager: the role of the special events manager is to act as the on-site liaison between you and our operations staff, detail your oversee the room(s) set-up, food preparation and other on-site operations, ensure a seamless transition to the Banquet Captain on the day of your event, and review your banquet checks for accuracy, prior to the completion of your event.

    Room set-up and clean-up. Professional service staff. Tables and chairs.

    Floor length white damask table linens and napkins »Ceramic plates, glassware, and sterling silver flatware

    Private Meal Menu options: Ambassador Prime Rib buffet, Alii Luau Hawaiian buffet, Hale Luana standard buffet, Hawaiian Island BBQ buffet, Plumeria buffet, Orchid buffet, Ilima buffet, and various ala carte food items. Please inquire with our sales staff on these menu options for more details.

    Sound Systems and podiums


    Food and beverage minimum is required and will be determined for your event based on the date, event times and amount of space required. The food and beverage minimum is the least amount of money that you are required to spend on a combination of food and beverage, excluding service charge and sales tax, but is not all that you could spend. The food and beverage minimum is reached by selecting individually priced catering packages combined with a venue rental fee to reach the required dollar figure. The following examples would apply towards the food and beverage minimum: Hor d’oeuvres, food display and carving stations, plated or buffet meal, birthday cake, dessert display stations, and any beverages (we only serve non-alcoholic).  Centerpieces, upgraded linens/china/silverware, décor and specialty lighting would not apply towards the food and beverage minimum.

    The average cost per person varies based on the length of time of your event.

    The Polynesian Cultural Center must provide all food and beverage items for your event. The birthday cake is the only food product that may be provided by a client.  If the Polynesian Cultural Center is unable to provide the catering services for your event, we will provide you information from one of our approved partners.

    Cancellation: As it is difficult and costly to resell the space that you have reserved, a cancellation fee of the full rate at cost will apply to any event canceled within 60 days of the event date.

    Cultural Entertainment

    Hire our native Polynesian Performers and bring the beauty and excitement of Polynesia to your next corporate gala or retreat.  Our performance cast consists of skilled dancers and professional musicians that can provide you with an authentic Polynesian Showcase that may include hula dancers, the ancient maori haka (war dance), and even the famous Samoan fireknife dance.

    Residents of Hawaii

    Exclusive packages for venue usage are available to resident’s of Hawai’i (proof of residency required). Please contact:

    Hawai’i Sales
    Phone: 808-293-3150
    Email: Hawai'

  • Contact Group Sales today to schedule a youth workshop:

    Group Sales
    Phone: 808-293-3122

    Hawaiian Workshops

    Hala Weaving: this workshop will teach how to use delicately prepared leaves from the hala tree to weave : a bracelet, fan, or place mat, etc.

    Ohe Hanu Ihu: this workshop entails the construction of a Hawaiian bamboo nose flute or “ohe hanu ihu”.

    Pala’ie: Early Hawaiians made a mea pa'ani (toy) called the pala'ie (loop and ball game). The game consists of a handle with an open loop at one end and a oval ball attached to the handle by a length of cordage. The game was to try to get the ball to land in the loop as you swing it under and swing it upward. The objective was to see who could keep it going longest without missing the loop. Learn how to make this pa’ani (toy) and challenge your friends!

    Lei: this workshop teaches the haku (weaving) or sewing of flowers, foliage or nuts into lei, headband, wristlet or anklet.

    Meal Options

    Breakfast bentos/plate lunches (please inquire about food choices and pricing).

    Lunch bentos/plate lunches (please inquire about food choices and pricing).

    Island BBQ lunch buffet (please inquire about pricing).

    Our luncheon buffet, served in shady comfort of the Hale Ohana, is delicious yet simple, and an excellent value.

    Age: 8-18 years

    Availability: Program is available Monday thru Saturday. Workshops take at least one hour. We hold workshops around 11:00am–1:00pm (with some exceptions). Blackout dates apply.

    Minimum/maximum: We can accommodate groups of up to 100+ students. We require a minimum of 15 students to hold a workshop.

  • Outside groups may be allowed to perform at the Polynesian Cultural Center, as long as the group purchases a ticket and abides by certain guidelines listed below. If you feel your group is interested in performing at the Center, please review the following information below and contact our on-site coordinator, Talagu AhHoy:

    Talagu AhHoy
    Phone: 808-293-3043

    Performance Arrangements

    Thank you for your interest in performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center. In assessing the feasibility of your performance, the following information will help both the Polynesian Cultural Center and your group ensures that performing at the Center will be beneficial for both parties.

    Please PROVIDE the following information for us to review:

    1. A résumé or biographical sketch. It should include the group name, city, and state, country, and a brief write-up about the type of performance you wish to have.

    2. The dates you are planning to perform.

    3. The Polynesian Cultural Center package you have or are planning to purchase. This will help us determine the best time for your group to perform without conflict with your package inclusions.

    4. Your group’s PCC order number. Your group must hold a confirmed ticket reservation with the Polynesian Cultural Center prior to finalizing the performance.

    5. Types of costuming and repertoire. Please note that costumes must not be too revealing.

    6. A Hawai'i contact telephone number.

    7. Any other information for consideration of your group’s performance.

  • The Polynesian Cultural Center is unlike any other venue you've visited. Just an hour from Honolulu, its ambiance is a world apart. Our Team will work with you on every detail of your visit, including ground transportation from your hotel. Once here, your group members will be treated like VIPs, because to us, you are.

    Please contact us, and we'll work with you to make your experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center unforgettable.

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    MCI (Meetings, Conventions & Incentives) / Groups:

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    Fax: 808-293-3085

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