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Wowing Customers & World Fireknife Championship

Wowing Customers at the Alii Luau – the Queen (Ellen Gay Dela Rosa) and four-year-old Aspen

Submitted by: Sia Tonga, Senior Cultural Ambassador Theater Department 

Aspen and Queen

The Queen and four-year-old Aspen

Just wanted to show you what WOWING the CUSTOMERS looks like !! On Tuesday, Apr 27th, we had a four-year-old named Aspen come onstage for the keiki hula. She sat on the far left and seemed distracted during the hula so she wasn’t following along. Eventually, she walked off stage and ended up climbing the stairs approaching the Queen (Ellen Gay Dela Rosa). Ellen Gay immediately began to teach her the hula! Their interactions had everyone drawn to them.

I believed it was exactly what Queen Liliuokalani would have done!  At the end of that segment, an older girl who was on stage and had Down’s syndrome stopped in front of the Queen to bow and blow her a kiss on her way back to her seat. Both things happened back to back and left a lasting impression on everyone present at the luau! Thankful for Ellen Gay and the way she is able to WOW everyone.

Let’s keep this up  


This Wednesday, May 5th final night for the Fireknife Championship

Submitted by: Delsa Moe, VP Cultural Presentations 

Fire Knife

World Fireknife Competition

This Wednesday, May 5th, is the final event for the 28th Annual World Fireknife Championship! 15 men will vie for the title of “World Champion” in a preliminary round followed by the finals with the awards ceremony to be held right after on the same evening. Because there was an inadequate number of women entered to justify holding a competition for them this year, they will still participate in exhibition performances during the evening. 

It begins at 6:30pm in the Pacific Theater with a few remaining tickets being sold online at www.worldfireknife.com or by calling our Reservations Office at 808-293-3333. 

Ticket prices are: 

  • Adults – $10 
  • Children – $8 
  • Employee w/ID – $6 


Job Openings at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Submitted by: Virginia Souza,  Digital Marketing Manager 

Job openings continue to be added at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We would like you to invite friends and family members to look at these jobs. Positions will also be available to high school students for summer employment.  We recommend they apply now if they want to work during the summer.  

It is easy to apply online.  Refer them to Polynesia Application

apply for jobs




safety corner sign

Covid Test Results April 26 - May 1

Here are last week’s COVID-19 testing results.


Bomb Threat

Submitted by: Elder Davis 

Upon receiving a message that a bomb has been planted at the Polynesian Cultural Center the following procedures apply: 

  1. Record Caller ID number. 
  3. Call 911 for Law Enforcement and Notify Public Safety (808) 675-3911. 
  4. Make visual checks 
  5. Report suspicious object(s) to Public Safety (808) 675-3911. 

If Suspicious Device is found: 

  2. Call 911 for Law Enforcement and Notify Public Safety (808) 675-3911. 
  3. Secure area, preserve the scene, and be aware of more bombs. 

Evacuation Procedures: 

  1. Leave doors and windows open. 
  2. Do not use cell phones, radios, or any other transmitting device. 
  3. Take personal effects that can be hand-carried such as money, jewelry, and/or medication 
  4. Evacuate the immediate area until declared safe by Public Safety, Fire, or Police personnel.