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“Work with patience, continue on, stand firm”, words of comfort from the past

Work with patience, continue on, stand firm”, words of comfort from the past

Chapel 1887

The City of Laie, as well as the surrounding area, has been a place of refuge for centuries. Much like the atonement of our Savior brings us refuge from our sins if we truly repent, this ancient land provided protection from harm, even when it was considered retribution for mistakes made.  

Although it is rare in today’s world to need to escape a physical attack, we clearly see conditions in this world that can attack our health, our safety, and our peace of mind. 

We can draw comfort from knowing that Laie remains a place of refuge. Certainly, we have faced many trials, but we have also seen many triumphs through the faith of our forefathers, our friends, our neighbors.  

The following are words attributed to the Prophet Joseph F. Smith. Although there may be some question as to when and where they were pronounced, we know, because we are here, that our land has been blessed and will continue to be blessed if we maintain faith in our community, and the efforts we make in sharing our aloha with the world.  

The message of President Smith is one of dedication, faith, and perseverance. We hope you find inspiration and comfort in them.  

“My Brothers and Sisters, do not leave this land for this place have been chosen by the Lord as a gathering place for the Saints of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hawaii nei.  

Do not complain because of the many trials which come to you because of the barrenness of the land, the lack of water, the scarcity of foods to which you are accustomed, and poverty as well. 

Be patient, for the day is coming when this land will become a most beautiful land. Water shall spring forth in abundance, and upon the barren land you now see, the Saints will build homes. Taro will be planted and there will be plenty to eat and drink. Many trees will be planted and this place will become verdant. The fragrance of flowers will fill the air and trees which are now seen growing in the mountains will be moved by the Saints and will grow in this place near the sea. And because of the great beauty of the land, birds will come here and sing their songs.  

And upon this place, the glory of the Lord will rest to bless the Saints who believe in Him and keep His commandments.  

And there are some in this house who will live to see all these things fulfilled which I have spoken from the Lord, therefore do not waver. Work with patience, continue on, stand firm, keep the commandments, and also the laws of the gathering and you will receive greater blessings both spiritual and temporal than you now enjoy or have enjoyed in the past.  

May the Lord be with us all.”