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Weekly Update for September 21, 2022

Article #1: After a brief intermission, the PCC Blogs are back online! 

Submitted by: Harley Charlebois, Copy Editor, and Blogger 

Some of you may have noticed that our blogs decided to take a brief vacation due to a large series of program updates. We are very pleased to share that we are back online. Get ready for a number of GREAT articles beginning with a repost of “The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Centerby one of our own, Harley Charlebois, Copy Editor and Blogger at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Unfortunately, our site went down less than one day after this article was posted. We invite you to share with friends and family to showcase all of the great activities and presentations at the Center! Click here to read the blog!

Hamana Kalili


Article #2: Oahu, North Shore: 5 Things To Know Before You Go 

Submitted by: Dallin Williams, BYU-Hawaii Student and Guest Blogger 

Local BYUHawaii student Dallin Williams shares these simple ways to prepare for your North Shore experience. Tips are shared ranging from transportation and the best driving routes, to knowing how much time you should plan on and how to prepare for island weather. And of course, the one thing you just can’t miss, the Polynesian Cultural Center. Read the full blog here!

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