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Weekly Update for September 15, 2021

New COVID Processes Going into effect Sept. 13

Submitted by: Eric Workman, Chief Marketing Officer  


This Monday began our newest phase of COVID-19 Testing requirements. An important part of the requirement, one that has been in effect since DAY ONE, is the need to wear masks. Please remember the following when on PCC/HMP property: 

  • All employees, missionaries, and tenants must wear approved face masks (2-layers or more) over nose and mouth onsite whenever indoors,at island presentations, on canoes, in the Pacific Theater during our evening show, and whenever a minimum of six feet distance cannot be maintained from others. 


Introducing – Misty Keanu

Submitted by: Sister Kristine Saunders, Archives 

Misty Keanu

Misty Keanu

If your name was a color, what would it be? How about Misty Rose? When Misty’s mom was expecting her first baby, the story is that she loved and only wore a beautiful red Max Factor lipstick color called Misty Rose. When the baby was born, it is only natural that she named her baby Misty Rose. This baby loves learning loves a challenge and loves getting to know people who grew up to be the Director of Dining Services at the Polynesian Cultural Center. 

Misty Rose Keanu was born in General Santos City, Philippines, and attended the Notre Dame of Dadiangas School for Girls. After high school, Misty took university credits at Mindanao State University in order to complete required courses which helped her to qualify in applying for BYU-H. 

Once here, she majored in Biology. While a student, Misty’s first job at the Polynesian Cultural Center was as a server at the luau where she said, “I learned how to work.” When extra help was needed in other areas of Food Services, Misty’s natural curiosity led her to volunteer so that she “learned the business” one job at a time. She especially liked catering, where every job was different and she could learn new things and experience new ways of doing things. Increased emphasis on customer service and streamlining operations are two important concepts that have improved guest experiences at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  

During her 20 years at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Misty is grateful to have been able to work with “ancestors” and to be trained and taught by them “side by side and through their example. Because of those teaching and learning moments, I have continued to share what I know to the students that work with me so that they too will have experiences that will give them an edge as they enter the work force wherever they will be after graduation”, she explains. 

Like so many of the people who work at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Misty states that “The best things about the job are the people and the many wonderful opportunities and experiences I have while working in Food Service.” She goes on to say, “I love working with the students and being able to be a part of their growth, as they are in mine. I love getting to know them and create friendships from different parts of the world. I love being able to share what I know, and to teach and train them so that I can be a part of fulfilling our mission—to contribute to the educational development and personal growth of all those at BYU-H and the PCC.” 

Misty loves talking to our visitors. “I have a lot of wonderful opportunities meeting guests from all over the world and getting to know them. Sharing aloha moments with them usually ends up with stories of mutual interests, which is fun. The world is getting smaller and smaller each day when you work at the Polynesian Cultural Center”. 

Some of Misty’s most unforgettable moments are when she had the opportunity to meet, serve, and take care of church leaders. As a student, Misty was able to serve President and Sister Hinkley when they visited the Polynesian Cultural Center. Years later, she had the blessing of serving Presidents Monson and Eyring when they visited the Center. Working with Food Service has allowed Misty and her team to be a part of “hosting them [Church leaders] for dinner”. 

Over the years Misty and her team have met and served many celebrities. She was especially impressed with Nicole Scherzinger who visited the Center in 2021. “We hosted her at the Luau and escorted her to the show. She spoke with the HA cast and it was impressive how she was so excited that we have a show that showcases Polynesia.” She recognized the excellence of the HA show and complemented the talent, energy, and spirit of the cast. Nicole “carries her Polynesian heritage in whatever she does and shares to others.” 


safety corner sign

Covid Test Report Sep 14 2021

Covid Vaccine Report Sep 14 2021

Workplace Injuries 

Submitted by: Elder Tom Davis

Accidents or injuries in the workplace can occur due to many reasons. Some of the most common causes are: 

  • Trips and falls 
  • Lifting 
  • Being hit by unguarded machinery or falling objects 
  • Violent acts in the workplace 
  • Stress, fatigue, and overexertion 
  • Vehicle-related mishaps 
  • Repetitive motion injuries 
  • Exposure to hazardous materials

Talking about how such injuries happen and what workers can do to avoid them should be a key element of a safety meeting. Organizations should inform workers on procedures and training that help protect them from accidents in the workplace. 

Workplace Injuries