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Weekly Update for October 5, 2022

Article #1: PCC Retail Department wins the 2022 Maui Jim Ekolu Award 

Submitted by: Jamie Kelley, Retail Manager 

Maui Jim Award

The trophy awarded to the PCC Retail Team

The Retail Department was recognized as the 2022 Winner of the Maui Jim Ekolu Award. They were recognized for being one of Maui Jim’s retailers that submitted the most online training courses. The online training course provided the staff with the tools and knowledge that they need to better sell the Maui Jim brand. 

The award that they received came with a plaque, $200, and gift card for 6 free sunglasses. With the award money, they decided to have a pizza night for the staff along with a raffle for the 6 free pairs of sunglasses. The winners of the sunglasses were Jemila Tuba, Ellie Hight, Jazreel Vergara, Michaela Flores, Sister Bleak, and Lillian Jonutz. 

The Retail Team is honored to have been the recipient of the 2022 Winner of Maui Jim’s Ekolu Award. Up next for the Retail Team is the Retail Merchants of Hawaii Ho’okela Awards, where they are nominated for the Retail Team of the Year which will held on Wednesday, October 26th. 

Maui Jim Award Raffle Winners

Our great retail team! Left to Right: Sister Gayle Bleak, Michaela Flores, Jazreel Vergara, Jemila Tuba Ellie Hight and Lillian Jonutz.


Article #2: Cultural experiences to engage in on Oʻahu 

Submitted by: Abigail Curnutt, BYU-Hawaii graduate and Guest blogger 

BYU-Hawaii student and guest blogger Abigail Curnutt shares 3 suggestions to help your family truly experience the cultural beauty of the many people who make Oahu their home. Read the full blog here! 

Cultural Experiences


Article #3: Safety Corner 

Submitted by: Todd Nicholes, Safety Officer 

safety corner sign

Chemicals play an important part in our lives and we come across many of them in our everyday activities. Below is a short list of common chemicals. Think what your life would be like without these common chemicals. However, with the ease of life these chemicals provide there are also risks to our health and the world around us if they not properly used or mismanaged. 

Common Chemical Chart

Chemicals across the entire globe are categorized into one or more specific hazards. This system of categorization is part of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals. No matter what country you live in, this labelling system will help you.  

Test your knowlege of each hazards represented by the chemical pictograms found on many products we use. Match the pictograms on the left to the descriptions on the right and check your answers below. 

Safety Chart

Answers: 1-E, 2-H, 3-F, 4-C, 5-A, 6-G, 7-B, 8-D