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Weekly Update for October 12, 2022

Article #1: Coconut Bread recipe from the Tahitian Village at the Polynesian Cultural Center! 

Submitted by: Nina S. Jones, PCC Blogger 

Coconut Bread

Cultural Specialist Regina Pasi helps us to revise and refresh our popular recipe blog for Tahitian Coconut Bread. Guests from around the world who have visited the Center have been thrilled with this easy, delicious Taste of Polynesia. Now it’s your turn! Read the full blog here!


Article #2: Abandoned Motor Vehicles & Bicycles at the Center 

Submitted by: Delsa Moe, VP of Cultural Presentations 

Ground Signs

As more and more students return to campus, and they begin filling all of our heretofore vacant positions at the Center, the employee parking lots and bike racks are beginning to overflow. It’s a wonderful “problem” to have, as it means that our work family is growing. In order to help us all fit into the limited space we have for parking both vehicles and bicycles, we hope to be able to reduce the number of vehicles/bicycles that are abandoned on the property and are just taking up space.  Would you please remind your team members of the parking policy on the Center grounds? 

  1. Vehicles are only allowed to park in marked parking stalls. Bikes are allowed to park in bike racks, and not along fence lines, signposts, or up against buildings.  
  2. There is no overnight parking allowed at the Center for both motor vehicles and bicycles, except for those employees who are working during those hours. In cases where a temporary exception is needed (engine trouble, lost keys, etc) employees and/or guests should notify Security to let them know the make/model/color, status, and location of the vehicle or bike. 
  3. A motor vehicle or bicycle is considered “abandoned” in the City & County of Honolulu if it is unattended for more than 24 hours. After this period, a motor vehicle may be towed by a licensed tow company, and a bicycle may be either secured in place or removed to a storage area to be claimed later by the rightful owner.  
    • In the case of motor vehicles, Security contracts a local tow company, M&M Towing LLC, who removes the vehicle to their yard for pick up by the registered owner at their own expense.  
    • For abandoned bicycles, locks are cut and bikes removed to Apelu’s Maintenance yard located next to the bike racks. They are secured there until the rightful owner comes to claim it or 30 days, whichever is earlier. There is no fee to claim a bike, but the owner must show proof of ownership.  If the bike is not claimed within 30 days, it becomes the property of the PCC and will either be repurposed or discarded.  

If you have any questions, please call 808-293-3114 or email: mapuj@polynesia.com. You can also contact Lance Aina at 808-673-3605 or ainal@polynesia.com. 


Article #3: PCC Guest Leaves a Sweet Review 

Submitted by: Harley Charlebois, Copywriter, and Lynn Rains, Guest Relations 

Final Act Night Show

On our hardest days we can find joy from the smiles of others. We would like to thank Robert E Regan for his kind words and remind all who work here of the power of what you do. Your Aloha attitude lifts spirits from all around the world.  

My Polynesia Cultural Centre experience has certainly overshadowed any inconveniences I may have experienced. I did not meet any member of the community who didn’t wear a beautiful and gracious smile. My relations with any member of the crew was pure magic. An experience I will remember for a long time. The cultural show was a work of artistry in telling the important stories from the Polynesian cultures. I thank you and every member providing such a friendly service. Regards,  

                                              Robert E Regan 

It is always nice to be appreciated for our dedication to the work that we do at the Center. We are especially thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to the mission of sharing these beautiful Polynesian cultures with the world. Congratulations to everyone for a job well done. 


Article #4: Safety Corner 

Submitted by: Todd Nicholes, Safety Officer 

safety corner sign

There is now a capability for PCC employees to access the Church’s SDS Chemical Management Electronic Binder (E-Binder) for READ ONLY access. 

You can either download the SDS/Chemical Management online mobile app on your electronic device or scan the QR code to open the MSDS online search program. 

Not only will you be able to search and view SDS sheets in the Church’s E-Binder, you can also search and view directly at the MSDS Online database containing millions of SDS Sheets. 

This means that all employees could have access to Chemical information right at their fingertips and not have to rely on a hard copy binder. It makes the Safety Data Sheets “Readily Accessible,” as required by OSHA. 

Here is what viewers will need to do: 

Chemical Safety App Instruction