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Weekly Update for November 24, 2021

Introducing – Losa Moors

Submitted by: Sister Kristine Saunders, Archives 

losa portrait

The Center is lucky to have an employee like Losa!

If you know anyone who has worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center for 35 years and has not been a dancer, raise your hand.  What do people at the PCC do if they don’t dance? Well, meet Fealofani Roselyn (Losa) Moors, Food Production Manager, and find out. 

losa parents

Losa Moors’ parents are from Samoa, but she was raised in Hawai’i

Losa Moors was born to goodly Samoan parents who raised her and her siblings in Kaa`awa and Hau`ula which she currently calls home. She attended Kaa`awa and Hau`ula Elementary Schools and Kahuku High School (KHS). She graduated in 1978 as a proud RED RAIDER FOR LYPHEr (if you know, then you know!) While in high school, Losa loved math and enjoyed playing volleyball. She learned to play the clarinet and read music while in band class at KHS. Today, Losa still reads music well enough to sing in a choir but insists that her mom and siblings are the musical ones in the family.  

losa women

Losa comes from a big and loving family

Losa is the 3rd oldest daughter and her hard work ethic was ingrained in her from her father, who taught her how to do yard work and make an umu from beginning to end. At the time, she was the son he didn’t have yet. She learned how to do everything with cars. She was able to change oil, change and repair a tire, start up a vehicle when it gets flooded, and many other things by working with her uncle. Hard work is no stranger to Losa and the Polynesian Cultural Center has benefitted from her work ethic. 

losa shaka

Losa was ecstatic to be hired at the Center

Losa’s mom had always wanted one of her daughters to dance at the PCC. Imagine her mom’s excitement when Losa came home and announced that she was hired at PCC. Her mom’s enthusiasm quickly faded when Losa excitedly announced that she was hired to be a DISHWASHER! However, she wasn’t destined to always be a dishwasher. 

losa in the office

Although she started as a dishwasher, Losa worked her way to the top as Food Production Manager

Losa’s resume of 35 years at the Polynesian Cultural Center is impressive. Among her titles are Dishwasher, Busser, Lead, Cashier, Assistant Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, Manager, Catering Manager, Senior Manager, and Food Production Manager. She has spent 35 years of service, learning, sharing knowledge, and making friends in the Food and Beverage department. 

moors grandkids

Losa’s family has only grown bigger with her children and grandchildren

Losa’s formal education ended with her high school diploma but continued with experience gained at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She gained a priceless education at the hands of loving leaders who took her under their wings and blessed her with a priceless education. The PCC has molded her into the person and leader she is today. She loves mentoring the student employees that come to her from BYU-H and teaching them the lessons she learned at the hands of those who came before. She has applied those lessons both in her professional and personal life. Losa continues to be an example of education for others including her 5 children and 16 grandchildren. Losa formally continued her education through the Worldwide Pathways Program and completed it in 2018. 

losa & dad

Losa is grateful for everyone who has helped her on her journey

When Losa was promoted to her current position as Food Production Manager, she was somewhat hesitant. She was younger than many of the current workers who had many years of experience. She began by working alongside each section to find out how they did what they did. “If you want to learn to cook fish, you work with someone who knows how to cook fish.” By working side-by-side with each team member, she gained their respect and grew to love and appreciate how hard they worked. The employees in the kitchen are on their feet the entire day. It is a welcomed blessing to take a 30-minute break for lunch. Losa firmly believes that it is her responsibility to help where she can and always find a way to fill a need. 

Losa sees and feels the blessings of working in this blessed spiritual place. She knows how fortunate she is to have had a long career and to have been blessed by so many wonderful caring leaders who loved and helped her along the way. Her hope is to have that same effect on those whom she oversees and that together they can accomplish the mission of the Polynesian Cultural Center.  

moors family

The Polynesian Cultural Center gave Losa an opportunity to provide for her family and grow in the gospel

Losa’s career has been filled with smiles, service, and aloha and continues to embody the mission of the Polynesian Cultural Center. She has an infectious smile that touches the lives of guests and employees.            

“PCC has provided me with an opportunity to support myself and my children. When I lost my parents and my grandson, the Center supported me in my time of need. It has provided me with opportunities where I’ve learned to love and grow in the gospel. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know students from all over the world. This place means the world to me and I am eternally thankful that I said YES to being a dishwasher 35 years ago! Thank you so much, PCC.”   


safety corner sign

Submitted by: Lau Niumatalolo, Safety Officer 

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