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Weekly Update for May 3, 2023

Article #1: Fa’alifu Fa’i (Green Banana with Coconut Milk) 

Submitted by: Nina S. Jones, Lead Blogger 

To kick off our World Fireknife Championships, we are honored to share our recipe for Fa’alifu Fa’i – It’s a dish familiar across Samoa and uses green bananas, making it a starchy, savory side dish. Try our easyto-make recipe here. Read the full blog here! 

Fa’alifu Fa’i


Article #2: We Are Samoa Festival 

Submitted by: Delsa Moe 

The 30th Annual We Are Samoa Festival includes the World Fireknife Championship and the High School Arts Festival. There will be a competition for juniors and intermediate warriors on May 3rd and a High School Arts Festival featuring 5 local schools on May 6th. The World Fireknife Championship continues on May 10th with preliminary rounds and 3 finalists competing for the world champion title during HA: Breath of Life. Vendors will be selling crafts and food items throughout the Marketplace during each event. 

2023 We Are Samoa Poster

2023 World Fireknife Championships