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Weekly Update for May 24, 2023

Article #1:  Exciting Recap: 30th Annual World Fireknife Championships – 2023 

Submitted by: Nina Jones 

This week we bring you three amazing blogs detailing the four competitive divisions at the 30th Annual World Fireknife Championships.  We hope you enjoy our recap of these exciting events: 

#1: 2023 World Fireknife Championship Results 

#2: Women of the World Fireknife Championship, 2023 

#3: World Fireknife Championship 2023 – Junior and Intermediate Division 


Article #2:  Cook Islands Delegation Visits PCC  

Submitted by: Daichi Manabe 

A delegation from the Cook Islands, including influential figures such as John Petersen, who specializes in aviation and tourism strategy for Cook Islands Tourism, Karla Eggelton, the CEO of Cook Islands Tourism, and Hon. Robert Tapaitau, the Deputy Prime Minister, visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on Thursday, May 18. The purpose of their visit was to explore PCC’s offerings and forge stronger alliances in preparation for the inaugural service between Honolulu and Rarotonga by Hawaiian Airlines, starting on May 20th. The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his desire to return to PCC in the future, as his daughter will be attending Brigham Young University Hawaii in Fall 2023.

Cook Islands Delegation