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Weekly Update for July 20, 2022

Article #1: Our Tropical Fruit Salsa will become your new summer favorite! 

Submitted by: Nina Jones, Blogger 

Tropical Fruit Salsa

Who knew that by simply combining fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices you could create a new summer dish your guests will be talking about for years? Perfect on fish, chicken, and a dip for tortilla chips. Read the full blog here!


Article #2: Exciting Stories for Miniseries! 

Submitted by: Eric E. Workman, Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer 

Breath of Life

Capture of the HA: Breath of Life show

Do you know anyone who has or is currently working at the Polynesian Cultural Center, someone with an exciting, interesting, or inspiring backstory?   

We are creating a proposal to develop a multi-episode miniseries for Netflix and/or other channels featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Hawaii’s #1 Show (HA: Breath of Life) and/or “Favorite Visitor Attraction” (The Center). We want to highlight the exciting lives of our employees, both past and present. We need to know about anyone with a good story—stories of how and where they grew up, what brought them to the Center or BYU-Hawaii, their experience here, etc. Many of our lives seem plain and maybe even boring to us, but to millions of mainland or international viewers, your lives are extraordinary and exciting.  

Please point us in the right direction towards people we can talk to and possibly feature or tell their story in the miniseries.  

Contact Elder or Sister Rigby, our Docuseries Project Leaders, if you have leads, ideas or questions.  

Sister Sandra Rigby: RigbyS@polynesia.com or (801) 580-2325 

Elder Randy Rigby: RigbyR@polynesia.com or (801) 580-2225 

We live in a very unique community and work at an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind place where cultural divides are minimized, education is prized, kindness is key, and Aloha is lived. The world needs to see that such a place exists and that it is a place they can visit and perhaps take a bit of it home with them. We can share our light with a broader world audience. We need your help to do this well.  

Mahalo for any help you can offer.