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Weekly Update for Jul 5, 2023

Article #1:   Mandatory Safety Training 

Submitted by: Moniqueca Kaufusi

Starting from July 1st, notifications were sent out, reminding individuals to complete four mandatory safety training modules within 90 days. Failing to complete them by September 30th will result in being listed as delinquent and presented to the President’s Council. This training can be completed either on a computer or through the UKG app on your phone. It is essential to have your UKG login details ready to access these trainings. 

UKG Safety Training Launch


Article #2:  DMBA TRAINING 

Submitted by: Micah Pascual 

We successfully conducted our first-ever training for all 43 AT’s at PCC with the help of Sione Fisehetau, our DMBA Hawaii Operations Manager. The training covered the importance of 401k knowledge and setting up accounts, addressing various questions. Our AT’s found it eye-opening and greatly appreciated the support from DMBA. We are here to support all of our employees and let them feel that they are important and part of our Ohana.

DMBA Training

DMBA Training Facilitators