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Weekly Update for Jul 19, 2023

Article #1:   Guest Services Department Reorganization 

Submitted by: Jimmy Mapu  

Congratulations to all three leaders on their achievements and contributions to the center! Timotius Timmy Mocodompis has been promoted to Guides Manager at the Polynesian Cultural Center. He will oversee guided tours, including Lu’au tours and Super Ambassadors. Melissa Tomu will replace Tim as Guides Supervisor, handling Super Ambassador Tours. Ron Fiaui will transition to an office role as Supervisor, managing essential functions and support staff.

GSD leaders


Article #2:   Annual Policy Renewal Acknowledgement and Employee ID Renewal   

Submitted by: Bridgette Burnett 

It’s that time of year again for all employees to complete the Annual Policies and Acknowledgement Renewal before being issued their new employee ID. The checklist has been sent out and will need to be completed by July 31st.  The current ID’s (purple) will not be allowed after this date.  

We have made changes to the checklist this year which will make it easier to complete.  There are two sections to this year’s checklist.  

In section 1, you will review the following 8 policies: 

  • Release 
  • Acceptable Use 
  • Dress Grooming Standard and Philosophy 
  • Harassment 
  • Business Ethics 
  • Social Media 
  • Work Product Agreement 
  • Personal Standards Observance (Code of Conduct) 

Once you have reviewed the policies you will be asked to sign and submit them on the final page. 

In section 2 you will be provided with an electronic version of the PCC Policy and Procedures Manual to download.  Once you have downloaded the manual you will mark it as complete then be asked to sign and submit to acknowledge a copy was provided to you. 

Once you have completed the checklist, it will disappear from the “My Checklist” tab and you can come to HR to pick up your new employee ID.  

Tutorial video: https://youtu.be/Zq_8lOgaFKE   

If you should need help accessing UKG you may contact the Human Resources office directly (808) 293-3185 or email HR-EmploymentOffice@polynesia.com