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Weekly Update for Feb 22, 2023

Article #1: The Ultimate Oʻahu Trip Guide for Movie Lovers 

Submitted by: Gage Norman, Guest Blogger and BYU-Hawaii Student  

Are you a big fan of the big screen? Relive your favorite films and learn more about captivating Oʻahu movie locations, with this compelling article written by guest blogger Gage Norman. Read the full blog here!




Article #2: Safety Reminder   

Submitted by: Todd Nicholes

safety corner sign

A reminder to all employees, supervisors and managers that according to the Employee Handbook in the ‘Ohana Employment Experience section, all workrelated injuries and illnesses must be reported to HR within 24 hours of the incident on their provided forms. Below is the quoted excerpt:

“In the event an accident occurs, the employee, supervisor and manager will submit an Employee Supervisors First Report of Work-related Injury/Illness report to the Benefits Specialist in HR.”