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Weekly Update for Dec 7, 2022

Article #1: 2022 Christmas at the Hukilau Marketplace Schedule of Events 

Submitted by: Quinney Suaava, Blogger 

Christmas at the Hukilau Marketplace

Our 2022 Christmas at the Hukilau Marketplace is about to begin! Blogger Quinney Suaava shares more about the music, the games, the times and the dates. This is definitely an event your family does not want to miss!!! Read the full blog here!


Article #2: Jason Momoa Visited the Center

Submitted by: Jimmy Mapu, Guest Services Manager 

Jason Mamoa and family at a canoe ride

Jason Momoa and his family ride the canoe at the Center!

The Tahitian Village drummers led by LJ and solo Lead performer, Mishalae, were on hand to greet his entourage and welcome them to the preeminent cultural attraction in the world. They rode a canoe and went straight to the wa’a kaulua Iosepa, where J asked Hawai’i village Manager Na’auao Pane’e if he could board Iosepa to feel its mana. 

Jason Mamoa and family at Iosepa

The group tasted poi in Hawai’i, watched the presentation there, and took in a hula lesson. While the keiki learned hula basics, J wanted to try his hand at the upena lawai’a, or as we say these days – He wanted fotrow net. 

Jason Mamoa wrapping up the net

After only a few practice throws, he did a pretty good job and caught a big one! 

Jason Mamoa playing at Hawaii Village

Next up was Tahiti and their presentation, followed by the tasting of coconut bread and some spear tossing. The tour moved on to Fiji, where he tried his hand at the Fijian bamboo drum or derua, led by Village Leader Sai Naivalu, afterwhich they enjoyed visiting the camakau. 

Jason Mamoa and family at Fiji Canoe

Aotearoa was next, where Chesser and the Maori put on a powerful display with the traditional haka, which was one of the things J had been looking forward to all day. The group then moved to Tonga, where Ma’afu and his troupe had everyone laughing and enjoying their time together. Samoa came next, where J wanted to make sure they had time to see his friend Kap on stage. Samoan Village Manager John Milford presented J with a warrior’s club, which he humbly received and appeared visibly touched by the gesture. 

Jason Mamoa at Samoa

Their day was scheduled to end there, but J asked if it were at all possible to get his family into the Ali’i Lu’au, which, of course, was sold out by then. Sales and Marketing VP Eric Workman arranged with Culinary Services Director Misty Keanu accommodations for the party. When I told him the arrangements had been made for his party, he was so touched. “How did you pull that off even though it was sold out?” I said, “We just had to say it was for you, and it was done.” He was so gracious. “I can’t believe how awesome you all have been to me and family!  Wow. We’re all so touched by the wonderful hospitality shown here.” He said he remembers coming to the PCC with his Dad as a young boy, and how much he loved it then. “I’m so happy to see the same wonderful energy and spirit is here, and now I got to bring my kids to enjoy it too. Thank you! Thank you, everyone!” 

Jason Mamoa with a Tiki Statue