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Weekly Update for August 11, 2022

Original Hukilau

Article #1: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center 

Submitted by: Harley Charlebois, Blogger, Polynesian Cultural Center 

Want to plan the perfect schedule for your day at the Polynesian Cultural Center? Travel Blogger Harley Charlebois presents a detailed overview of ticket packages, activities, dining choices and insider’s information to help you prepare for a great experience. Read the full blog here!

Hamana Kalili


Article #2: Tapa Restoration 

Submitted by: Ray Magalei, Sr. Theater Director 

Workers Restoring Tapa

Some of the artists working hard to restore the tapa.

Some of our Theater staff have been working all week to restore a long piece of Tongan tapa known as a launima, which was purchased to replace the one that has been used in the show for the last 5 years. They spent countless hours early in the morning and even very late at night touching up the designs, refreshing the natural colors, and patching and repairing the torn and worn parts of this magnificent tapa. Although the tapa is from the Tongan culture, our team of multi-cultural employees really enjoyed learning about its significance, how to care for it and how best to restore it to its original beauty. This is what Embrace Learning looks like. 

Student Workers Restoring Tapa

We express our mahalo to Wardrobe Supervisor Cathy Teriipaia (Tahiti) and her team of diligent artists – Mara and Talei Niu (Fiji/Maori/Tonga), Arthur Ng (Hong Kong), Ayane Hatori (Japan), Yutong Zang (China), ‘Ofa Tahitu’a (Tonga) and Mele Vi (Tonga). 

Students Restoring Tapa


Article #3:Walkathon Event and Benefits Workshop 

Submitted by: Micah Pascual, Human Resources 


There was a great turn-out for the Walkathon!

For the first ever Polynesian Cultural Center Walkathon event, the theme was “Honor Our Legacy”. 

There was a great turnout, a total of 139 PCC Ohana and friends! Of the 121 PCC Ohana who registered for the Walkathon, 88 were able to make it that morning and we had 51 walk-in registrations! 

Samoan village hosted us that morning with the help of Faafetai Tele Lava, John Milford, and Master of the Grass of Pain, Creasepaul Tofa! Also, a big shout out to DJ Bang Bang Apelu and Liana Apelu, who provided our sound and music to hype up all of our Ohana and friends during the warm-ups! We had a great walk around the Center with photos and descriptions of past and present ancestors posted along the way. We started at 8:30 am and finished at 10:30 am. 

We had such a great time honoring the Center’s Legacy and recognizing many of our ancestors, past and present, together. We look forward to the next activity! Check out some pictures of the event: 

Walkation Opening Program

Walkathon Warm Up

Family participating the Walkathon

On the following day, July 27, 2022, we had our Benefits Workshop. This was mainly for the full-time employees. 

We had a great turnout as well for this event, wherein we had a total of 61 employees in attendance, including the managers and supervisors. DMBA and KAISER gave us training about medical coverage and all the benefits that they offer. 

Shane Steward and Joann Sparks from DMBA also shared with us how to manage financials and 401k plans. Shane had the opportunity to meet employees one-on-one and sit with them to answer their financial questions. 

It was a great event indeed and both days were very successful. All of our PCC Ohana are thankful for these kinds of activities and workshops that we can provide for them. 


Article #4: Safety Corner 

Submitted by: Todd Nicholes, Safety Officer 

safety corner sign

The Safety Department has noticed utility carts carrying more passengers on multiple occasions than the cart was designed to hold. There should be no lap riders, no people traveling in the cargo area, no people riding on the roof or racks, and no three riders in a one-bench seat cart. Have a safe and productive day!