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Weekly Update for Apr 19, 2023

Article #1: Māori Culture: Act 3 of HĀ: Breath of Life 

Submitted by: Harley Charlebois, Copywriter Manager 

Kia Ora! In Act 3 of the popular evening show, HĀ: Breath of Life, we are introduced to the beautiful and powerful Māori culture of Aotearoa (New Zealand). The emphasis of this section is on Mana (the main character) being nurtured and trained by his family and community. We see his transition from child to man, setting the stage for a future filled with honor, skill, courage and love. Read the full blog here!

Maori HA Breath of Life Animation


Article #2: May Day Lei Competition 

Submitted by: Terry Panee 

May Day is Lei Day, a 95-year-old tradition in Hawaii where we celebrate the art of lei-making. We are bringing back our May Day Lei competition this year with four categories: 

  • Fresh Lei (flowers and foliage) 
  • Flowers-only Lei 
  • Edible Lei (candy, fruits, vegetables) 
  • Recyclable Lei (artificial, paper, plastic, wood, glass, metal) 

Check out the registration form for more details. Please do not forget to wear a Lei, give a Lei, and share a Lei on May Day Lei Day (May 1, 2023). 

Click here to learn more!! 

Lei Competition Poster 2023