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Warm hearts help to warm up our student workers

Warm hearts help to warm up our student workers

Submitted by:Delsa Moe, VP – Cultural Presentations 

Very grateful students

Very grateful students selecting a blanket to take home

Three years ago, Jon-Raymond Mariteragi, Sr., Theater Manager, found out that some of the night show employees were asking to take home old lavalava costumes to use for extra warmth at night because they couldn’t afford to purchase blankets. Jon TOOK CHARGE and quickly sent out a message to full-time employees asking for blanket donations and the response was tremendous. There were many grateful students in Theater and other departments that year who benefitted from the donated blankets. 

In January of 2020, Jon discovered the need for blankets during Hawaii’s chilly season was still there and once again distributed donated blankets to some very appreciative students. 

Jon Matateragi and student

Jon-Raymond Mariteragi watches a student carefully pick out a blanket

Even during this Covid season with fewer students, and fewer employees to reach out to for donations,  Jon-Raymond has continued the blanket drive tradition and even expanded to community members who gladly donated new and used blankets to help keep our students warm. A big mahalo to Jon-Raymond for initiating this annual service and to those who generously donated blankets….for as the scripture says in Matthew 25:40 “…Inasmuch as ye have doneit unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”