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With the Center being closed for 8 months now, that alone is a very unusual event, but here are a few unusual sights that wouldn’t be seen during normal operations but they have become part of our daily Covid life.  

Wrapped chairs

Hale Ohana chairs shrink-wrapped for protection.

Floating log and coconuts

A log being conditioned for carving (l) and coconuts lazily floating in the lagoon (r).


Some familiar trees have now “graduated” from the PCC scene.

Birds in village

There are birds everywhere in the villages. No loud sounds and very few people to scare them off.

Captain Chicken

This is security’s secret weapon. Capt Chicken is often seen at the employee gate helping to check IDs, even at night when all normal chickens have gone to sleep.

Ducks in lagoon

The ducks have returned to the lagoon. But they prefer the dry side.

Maori underground ovens

When the Maoris are hungry and don’t have enough leaves to cover their hangi (imu) – no problem – a wheelbarrow and brick will do the job just fine.

Lagoon into a lawn

Did you know that our lagoon turned into a lawn after being empty for so long?

Lawn under water at lagoon

And did you know that the lagoon “lawn” still grows under 2 ft of water? And look how clear that water is as the lagoon starts to refill.

There are many other unusual sights and events during this unusual time of PCC’s history but one thing that hasn’t changed is the usual spirit and feeling of ohana and aloha that still permeates the grounds and felt among the few employees who are the guardians of PCC until things are “back to normal”.  

Looking forward to reopening PCC in 2021.