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Tonga Touch-ups

Tonga Touch-ups

Tonga village employees have been busy sprucing up their gardens with native flowering plants, expanding their food plantation, decluttering storage areas, and repairing rails and many other items. Their current projects are touching up the exterior of the Queen’s Summer House with a fresh coat of weather-resistant varnish and tediously refreshing all the beautiful ngatu or tapa cloth that decorates the walls and ceilings of the various buildings. This restorative work will help preserve these cultural treasures for many more years.

Malo ‘aupito kainga Tonga. This is what ACHIEVING RESULTS look like to us.

Queens summer house

Students painting the exterior of the Queen’s Summer House with weather-resistant varnish.

Tapa in fale

Refreshing the designs on the tapa cloth on the ceiling in various fales.