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Theater performs services that reflect the commitment of their ancestors

Theater performs services that reflect the commitment of their ancestors

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A beautiful workplace is a blessing gained through hard work and commitment

Na roto te vero, e teare rahi na te moana. E hoe a vau, teie nei e va’a. Teie nei va’a e hoe a vau. Despite the winds and stormy sea, I will paddle this Canoe. THIS Canoe, I will paddle”. Raymond T. Mariteragi 

Here in the Theater Dept, our performers have been able to complete 196 projects & counting. Work that might not have ever been done; had we not been placed in this very difficult & trying time. Our most recent projects include cleaning the entire theater mountain, painting our line up area & locker rooms, & a beautifying project where we were able to gather stones from Hau’ula beach park to beautify designated areas backstage.  

Regardless of circumstance, the examples set long ago by our ancestors can still be seen & felt throughout the Center today. What a blessing it is for us now, to be given the unique opportunity of adding our efforts to the Legacy of the Polynesian Cultural Center. Efforts that will span the next 50-60 years. 

As we look forward to the Centers re-opening & the return of family, friends, & guests, may we continue to preserve the fire that was created by those who have come before us… “For despite the winds and stormy sea, We will paddle this Canoe. THIS Canoe, We will paddle”. Jon Mariteragi. 

2 gathering sea stones

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