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The Theater Department – A Sector Entirely Renewed

The Theater Department – A Sector Entirely Renewed

Aloha Dear PCC Ohana 

My name is Mahana Tepa. I am originally from Tahiti and I am majoring in both Mathematics and TESOL. I have been in charge of updating you on the work accomplished at the Theater since the pandemic has seriously affected each department of the PCC.

Since the PCC has temporarily closed its doors to its customers, the Theater Department has taken this significant issue as a great opportunity to take excellent care of its area while respecting the barrier guidelines as directed. In addition to the Night Show daily rehearsals and practices, group projects have been established in order to maintain social distancing. 

In addition to the strengthening of their talents as performers, each of them was able to live a unique and new experience that has enhanced their personal skills and know-how. Thus, through this experience, a strong connection was also created between employees. Despite the difficulty of the tasks given, this familial atmosphere has really encouraged them to work with a happy state of mind and with great enthusiasm. 

It is with pride that the Center has truly benefited from each individual’s hidden talent to rebuild, renew and reorganize the entire Department. As a result, the Theater’s managers were not only pleased with the improvement of the Night Show, but they were also satisfied with the work achieved for the good and the betterment of the Center. 

Backstage pics front page

Thanks to our strong young men, our lagoon located behind the backstage and the offices, has been intensely cleaned up.

gravel pics

In order for Loli, Tuti and their work groups to gravel the ground, all of them have cleaned the surroundings.

Signage Paints 

Due to the minimal lighting present in some places of the Theater, the signage paints have been reapplied all around for the safety of the passers-by. 

Signage paints

stage path looking at coconut tree and seating

painting inside the tunnel


Whether on stage, backstage or in the tunnels, in order to bring back our zone performance as new, the employees took the time to paint each extremity of the Department.

looking into the musician cave


We have been fortunate to have talented young men amongst us. Thanks to them, all damaged but useful facilities to be reused have been well repaired as shown in the pictures. 

Repair a table

Repair shelves

Painting the walls yellow


Replacing the mirror


The entire department has been completely cleaned whether in the wardrobe area, backstage, on stage or even in the outside surroundings. 

Sewing Room

Clothing mechanical rack


Moping and cleaning the seating at HA