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Since the beginning, the Polynesian Cultural enter has been a strong supporter of our local communities. That’s why we've teamed up with Pepsi to create the PCC Support Our Community discount card. Our cards are provided free of charge to schools, teams and clubs who keep 100% of the funds raised from their sale. This is just one of the ways we can work together to support our communities.


  • Available free of charge to qualifying organizations
  • Each card has a value of approximately $200 in free offers
  • Your organization keeps 100% of the funds you collect!
  • Includes 10 different discounts, including one free General Admission to the PCC


Contact Kahili Soon at 808.371.4969 or email


  • How does this card work?

    The PCC and various shops throughout the Hukilau Marketplace (which is conveniently situated at the entrance to the Polynesian Cultural Center) have listed discounts on the back of the Support Our community discount card. This card has a value of up to $200 in discounts and free offers. Each offer can be used once. As the consumer uses that offer, the card will be ‘punched’, indicating that it has been used.

  • How much do these cards cost?

    There is no charge to the participating organization for these cards and the accompanying promotional flyer. The PCC does not require compensation. However, the participating organization is responsible for reporting proceeds to the appropriate government agencies as donations.

    The cards are clearly marked for the price of $20. By participating in this fundraising project, you as the distributing organization agree to sell all cards for $20 each.

  • How often can the offers be used?

    There are 10 offers on the back of each card. Each discount offer can be used once. That offer will then be punched, marking it as having been used. Once all offers have been utilized and punched, the card becomes void.

  • Who is eligible for distribution of these cards?

    The Support Our Community discount card is available to any participating organization providing services on the island of Oahu. This includes school groups and clubs, athletic programs, faith-based and community non-profits, youth services, etc.

    PCC will not be distributing these cards to individuals. Qualified groups or organizations are the only entities that these cards will be distributed to.

    The PCC will not be selling these cards on their own to the community.

  • Can these cards be transferred?

    Unpunched cards are transferable. Once any offer has been used and punched, the card cannot be transferred.

  • When does the card expire?

    The 2018 card expires at midnight on December 31, 2018.

  • Is there a minimum number of cards we can secure?

    Although we have not set a specific number per organization, our supplies are limited, based on availability. Be conscientious of how many cards your organization needs for your fund raiser and share kōkua by returning extra cards to us so that we can share them with other organizations. This way we can keep this program going year after year.

  • Are there any restrictions?

    PCC Support Our Community discount cards cannot be replaced. Any requests for reimbursement must be handled by the participating organization. We encourage you to be extremely careful in handling and distributing the cards.

    The PCC Support Our Community discount card cannot be combined with other offers.

    The PCC general admission offer excludes special events, such as festivals, fireknife competitions and private parties.

    The PCC retains the right to refuse any organization’s application.