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Our Soft Reopening in pictures

Our Soft Reopening in pictures

Delsa Moe, Tali Galeai, Harold Pedroso, and Greg Maples

If a picture says a thousand words, these pics could be made into a novel! Presenting a review of our wonderful holiday weekend. It certainly was 3 days of celebration for us! 

Ready, set, GO!!!! 

Pic 4 Reservations Team is ready

Open the doors! The Reservation Team is ready!!!

Pic 5 New fireknife dancers

The Ava twins and David Galeai are ready to display their fireknife skills. The aunt of these talented gals, Vatau Galeai Neria, was also a female fireknife dancer at PCC in the early 60s.

Pic 6 Hale Aloha with new gazebo

Hale Aloha with its royally elegant new gazebo is READY!

Pic 7 Pacific Theater stage empty

The Pacific Theater with its new sound and lighting system is definitely READY!

Pic 8 And here they come! The first guests arrive.

And here they come! The first guests arrive.

Pic 9 guests properly distanced in samoa with the use of well placed hula hoops on the ground

Guests are properly distanced in Samoa with the use of well-placed hula hoops on the ground.

Pic 10 service and fruit

The luau food line is a sumptuous feast for the eyes and belly. The food is now plated for the guests by servers.

Pic 11 onipaa with new gazebo

Onipa‵a, our tribute to Queen Liliuokalani, is enjoyed by all.

Pic 12 HA final scene

And then there’s HA. Things went smoothly and what a performance! The evening ends with a standing ovation and lots of love showered upon our awesome performers.