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Shops prepare for the future

Shops prepare for the future


Wow, it has been a crazy month here in the Retail Department. It began on the sad day that we were sending our Missionaries home. Our Warehouse Team assisted in shipping all of their boxes home, which was a huge effort that required FedEx to send large trucks over many days (while initiating the rules of social distancing). They were also receiving many deliveries and product which had already been shipped. They then prepared and delivered all of the products to the Shops.

The Shops have been busy stocking the floors, deep cleaning, merchandising and stock taking counts, along with preventative maintenance. They are doing all of this in preparation for re-opening.

My Leadership Team has been busy with daily walks of the Stores – again for preventative maintenance and Security. We have also been busy with training and participating in PCC Security Shifts.

I believe through preparation and planning now that we are all going to come out of these times stronger and ready to hit the ground running. I am amazed and inspired by everything my Team and PCC have been doing to get through this.

Best Wishes,

Shelly Easton.