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His Serene Highness Prince Tungi of Tonga visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on May 17th

His Serene Highness Prince Tungi of Tonga visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on May 17th 

Submitted by:  Delsa Moe, VP Cultural Presentations, and Tevita Taumoepeau, Manager Cultural Islands Administration 

Prince and Pres Grace

Pres Grace Welcomes HSH Prince Tungi to the PCC

Greg Maples in Sulu

Even Greg Maples dressed up in Tongan attire for our special guest

Kap with the Prince

Kap’s classmate, Alaiula, is Prince Tungi’s mother


HSH was very interested in learning about Iosepha from the manager, Kaipo Manoa

His Serene Highness (HSH) Prince Tungi of Tonga visited PCC on Monday, May 17th,  as a guest of Kalo Mataele Soukop, a former member of PCC’s board of directors. His Highness was in Hawaii to represent the Royal Family of Tonga at the funeral services for Harry Soukop, Kalo’s husband, which was held last weekend in Honolulu.  

He toured the Islands and then attended a delicious, private dinner at Pounders, hosted by Pres and Sis Grace before watching HA – Breath of Life.  

HSH Prince Tungi was appointed by the Palace Office His Majesty (HM) King Tupou VI) to attend Harry Soukop’s funeral last week. As such, permission for him to visit the PCC  also had to be granted from Tonga since his visit was official government business, and not personal. This is always evident when Annie Kaneshiro, Tonga Vice-Consulate here in Hawaii is always in attendance on such trips. 

Also, the hereditary title of Mafifakapotu that has been passed on to each succeeding President & CEO  since Lester Moore’s investiture in 1993, belongs to his Highness. When the late King Tupou IV invested that title on Lester Moore, it was because HM held the title Tungi, which has then been passed on to his grandson, our current Prince Tungi. Accordingly, yesterday’s occasion was simply seen as Mafifakapotu (Pres Alfred Grace) fulfilling his duty as one of the Prince’s chiefs, in the eyes of many Tongans who are aware of this knowledge. 


Job Openings at the Polynesian Cultural Center 

Submitted by: Virginia Souza,  Digital Marketing Manager 

Job openings continue to be added at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We would like you to invite friends and family members to look at these openings. Positions will also be available to high school students for summer employment. We recommend they apply now if they want to work during the summer.  

The PCC has begun a hiring referral program that includes an incentive reward. It runs from May 10th through July 3rd.  

For details:  

E Komo Mai

PCC Hiring Referral Program

It is easy to apply online.  Refer them to Polynesia Application  


safety corner sign


Covid Test Results May 10 - May 15

Here are last week’s COVID-19 testing results.


Polynesian Cultural Center Evacuation Plan

Submitted by:  Elder Davis 

The Polynesian Cultural Center has an evacuation plan in place that  lays out how to exit from the Center during an emergency. For example, a fire, flash flood, hurricane, or other emergencies.  Everyone in our organization needs to be familiar with the evacuation plan.  This will ensure you and the people around you are best prepared for an emergency. 

Based on where you work, locate the closest Assembly Point on the map: 

Evacuation Plan

Evacuation – Assembly Points PCC

Additional information: 

  • When is it safe to go back to the PCC or return home? Each Manager will be informed with additional instructions. 
  • What about visitors? Once the guests have left the PCC they will be taken to the Cannon Activities Center on the BYUH campus.