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Safety on the lagoon for man and vessel!

Safety on the lagoon for man and vessel!

1 Safety measures

Working to make the lagoon safer for passengers and canoes alike!

2 being installed throughout the lagoon

Lagoon “bumpers” are being installed throughout the lagoon and waterways

One notable improvement that is evident around many parts of the PCC lagoon is new bumpers that have been installed to decrease frequent repairs of our canoes that often come in contact with rough and hazardous lagoon areas. These bumpers not only provide us with increased savings in canoe repair costs, and less downtime for canoes that have to be removed for repairs but they also provide a  safer environment for our canoe pushers and guests.  

3 unitstruts

Close-up of the unit struts

The bumpers are made of composite wood attached to the banks with the use of unit struts. The project was designed and started by our senior missionaries, affectionately names “The Amigos”, at the beginning of 2020. It was tricky work installing bumpers while being waist-high in the lagoon. They spent about 6 weeks installing bumpers from the Marketplace landing to just behind the main kitchen until they were required to return home when PCC closed, and the project stalled. (Photo Scan from 2020-02-20 09, Scan from 2020-03-20) 

4 The Amigos

The “Amigos” in February

5 The Amigos

The “Amigos” in March

However, when the lagoon was drained for sludge removal, it provided a great opportunity to complete the bumper project on “dry land”. The only problem was there were no experienced Amigos to complete the job and the few employees who had the expertise to complete the project we’re involved with other critical projects. So under the direction of Project & Planning Manager, David Duffin and CADD Tech Kelii Keanu of our Physical Facilities Division, they trained the following eager students who learned their new skills quickly and were able to competently complete the rest of the bumper project in about a month’s time: 

David Ifuna’au – Theater 

Brian VildamKauihelani Lesa, Thanasegar Rasaratnam – Concessions 

Steve Vaiouga, Bitner LametaTeingira Tenanoa – Restaurant Services 

6 Finished job

Some of the hard-working students and staff, including Project Lead, Dave Duffin.

On behalf of all the rookie canoe pushers, speedy canoe pushers, their leaders, and the overworked canoe repair crew, Mahalo X 10 to all these missionaries and employees who have INSPIRED PERFORMANCE in order to ACHIEVE PCC RESULTS.