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Review of our schedule, hours of operation and policy reminders

Review of our schedule, hours of operation, and policy reminders

Submitted by:Delsa Moe, VP – Cultural Presentations and Kahili Soon, Manager  Marketplace & Tenant Service 

Pic 3 - bag check and village entrance

Welcoming our guests at the Village Entrance


3:45                 Ticket entrance opens 

3:45                 Canoe Tours open – to Fiji and dropped off in Samoa 

3:45                 Samoa Island activities and presentations 

4:00/4:30       Samoa Cultural Presentations  

4:45                  Seating opens for Luau 

5:00                  Luau starts, Samoa closes 

6:15                   Luau ends all move to the night show 

                               Canoes tours resume if adequate lighting 

                           Ukulele Experience & Shop open 

                           Marketplace open 

6:45                  Pacific Theater open 

7:30                  Night show starts 

7:45                  Marketplace retail closes 

8:50                 Night show ends  

For your information here are the hours for the places in the Marketplace. 

Pounders Restaurant 11-8:30 M-Sa 

PCC Retail 12-7:30 Closed W & Su 

Tita’s Grill 8-10 11-7:30p Closed W & Su 

General Marketplace Hours 12-7:30 Closed Sundays 


  • Carts are not allowed through the Marketplace after 10:30 am. This includes driving under the Pacific Theater awning.   
  • The gates by Portals 2 and 5 should always be closed after 11:00 but unlocked so employees can walkthrough.  Anyone walking through those gates, please close it behind you.  
  • All employees while on shift, should not park in the Hukilau Marketplace Parking lot and should be parking in the Employee lot and coming through Gate 10A.