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Returning to Excellence

Returning to Excellence 

Submitted by:Nina S. Jones 

visitors center reopening

Welcome back Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center!!!

After a year like this last one, every step back to normalcy is like a new star in the sky. Brilliant on its own terms, but even more spectacular as it contributes its light to a more expansive picture. 

We’ve long felt that Laie was a special place blessed by our Father in Heaven. Are we ready to make it so again? 

Or are we afraid?  

It’s a fair question. The world stopped, and much of our life stopped with it. Like someone hitting a light switch. Who would blame us for wondering “what will happen next?” 

But what if it wasn’t a hard stop? What if it was a simple reset? Instead of being afraid, maybe we can renew our commitment to the excellence of Laie. 

We can be friendly and gracious to those who come to visit the Center. 

We can increase our efforts to love her (the Center) through the simple act of picking up trash, reporting when something is broken, and cherishing the very ground we walk upon.  

We can seek the Lord’s will in our workday, in our attitude, and in our hearts.  

All of these simple actions can build our confidence, our devotion, and our commitment to the important things of life.  

This week, the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitor’s Center has reopened. It may seem like a small thing, but to me, it is one of those shining examples of excellence in our community. The Center has grown from humble beginnings to the 2nd most visited Visitor’s Center and the 2nd largest Latter-day Saint call center in the world. Four years ago, it was exceeding all previous records in the distribution of the Book of Mormon. Even during the shutdown, Sisters kept coming, in ever-increasing in numbers, to sit at small computer stations and share an important message to those who hunger to feel the sun on their face once again.  

We live in a place of refuge – but we are not here to hide. We are given the opportunity to welcome the world, and to share this incredibly bright and beautiful little corner of heaven. 

How blessed are we!!! 


safety corner sign

How to Stay on Top of Ladder Safety 

Submitted by: Elder Tom Davis, HR Safety Officer 

May 31 - June 5 Covid Update

This week’s COVID Test stats courtesy of Seamus Fitzgerald

Safety Ladder 1st picture

The first rule of using the right ladder is to use a ladder. Too often, people just grab the closest thing to them and end up standing on buckets or chairs instead of taking a few minutes to go get the right ladder. When choosing a ladder, make sure it is tall enough for the job. Per ANSI standards, ladders are marketed and sold by the total height, or the total section length, not the usable height. 

Second, you should never stand on the top cap or use the top step of a stepladder (or A-frame). In practice, you should be 4 feet off the ground if you are using a 6-foot ladder. You will need the top 2 feet of the ladder to hold onto or lean against to maintain your three points of contact. 

Extension ladders are sold by the total length of the sections and only mention the 3 feet of overlap in small print. A 20-foot extension ladder is two 10-foot sections, but because of the overlap needed, it is only 17 feet tall. If you are using it to climb on a roof, you should have 3 feet of the ladder above the roofline to give you something to hold onto as you transition on and off the ladder. 

Safety Ladder 2nd picture

Courtesy of Memic – Ladder Safety – MEMIC Safety Blog (typepad.com)