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Restoration of the Kowhaiwhai Panels in the Maori Village

Restoration of the Kowhaiwhai Panels in thMaori Village

We are grateful to our full-time and student carvers in the FM department and our few remaining employees in Aotearoa who have been engaged in restoration work on the kowhaiwhai panels. They have been carefully removed from the ceiling, cleaned up, primed and then repainted with the intricate cultural designs of Aotearoa. These employees feel honored to be able to connect with the original carvers in this manner.


This yellow scaffolding made it possible for the students to carefully remove the panels

Cleaned & Primed

A panel from the ceiling now clean and primed

Cheerful Attitude

Students working with a cheerful attitude on the kowhaiwhai panel

Maintaining Social Distance

Students painting the panel while maintaining social distance (good job, people!)

Finished Product

The finished product showcases the intricate cultural designs of Aotearoa