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That’s what has been happening at PCC lately as we begin to move all PCC offices out of the Snow Admin building and onto PCC grounds before 2020 ends. And thank goodness PCC is closed to allow us to make all these changes more swiftly and with less interruption to operations.  

Old Admin Building

The home of Pres Grace’s new office. This is the Hau’ula or southern end of the building. 

The President’s office as well as the CFO and CMO’s offices will all move to the Old Admin building where the Training Room was. At one time in PCC’s history, that is where the President’s office was located so it has come full circle now.  

Human Resources will be moving into the other side of the Old Admin building currently occupied by Guest Services, First Aid, and Security. Guest Services is preparing to move to their new offices at Hale Kuai, while Security and First Aid will be relocated to the Kahuku side of the Welcome Center.  

Container Office

Entrance to the new container office

Container Office Interior

Interior to the Hukilau Marketplace and Retail departments

The Hukilau Marketplace and Retail staff are now located just outside portal 5 of the Pacific Theater in shipping containers that have been smartly converted into some real nice offices.

F&B Door

F&B door – The sign will be changed to reflect the new entrance for the Finance offices.

  The Finance Dept has now moved upstairs where the Food & Beverage administration used to be.   

Finance Office Move

Guides setting up desks in the new Finance office space

Desk Alterations

Making alterations to desks to fit into the new spaces

The Marketing Dept will be moving upstairs into the offices located in the Gateway building, the mailroom has moved to the Facilities Warehouse, and lastly, my office is now at the Theater Dept again. 

Mahalo to VP Jerome Uluave and our Projects Dept for figuring out the complicated puzzle of what offices go where and patiently making multiple iterations to plans as they worked with all the departments affected. And a big mahalo to the small band of guides who are now expert office movers as they pack up artifacts, books, shred documents, dismantle and install desks, move filing cabinets, and even learned to lay new flooring in one of the refurbished offices. 

As PCC reopens and our Ohana returns to work, it will be exciting for them to visit all these new office locations and to more frequently see the admin staff onsite – or maybe not. 😊