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The Prophet Thanks us for participating to #GiveThanks

The Prophet Thanks us for participating in #GiveThanks 

President Russell M. Nelson’s video messageand prayer of gratitude on Friday, November 20, reached millions worldwide since its release on YouTube, Facebook , and ChurchofJesusChrist.org. Hundreds of thousands of people have acted on his invitation to post on social media using #GiveThanks. 

President Russell Nelson

Dear brothers and sisters, 

On November 20, I offered a message and prayer of gratitude for the people of the world. I am humbled that you would join with me in thanking God for His countless blessings to each of us. 

Great change can start with individual acts of love and kindness. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for also recognizing and sharing experiences about the people and things for whom you are grateful. As we all do this, I hope you can sense how our collective faith and actions may ease the prevailing burdens of grief and uncertainty. Gratitude can give us a renewed perspective and feelings of peace and hope. 

Please continue this daily pattern of giving thanks through prayer, followed by action. God loves us and is concerned about all of His children. He will keep His promises and grant us the blessings of mercy, comfort, understanding, and eternal joy as we faithfully turn to Him in prayer and thanksgiving.  

Now, as we enter the Christmas season and celebrate the living Christ, one of the most powerful ways we can show our gratitude is to serve His children. Let us follow His example to “Light the World” by loving and serving others, one by one. 

President Russell M. Nelson 

This Christmas season, help #LightTheWorld by thinking of someone you can serve each day – following the example of Jesus Christ.