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Plans to reopen the Center and benefits available

Plans to reopen the Center and benefits available

Aloha Ohana 

As some of you are aware, many of our furlough employees are coming to an end of their Regular unemployment or being exhausted of funds, primarily the group that was furloughed on 5/03/2020. 

The second furlough group, eff 6/21/2020, and third group, eff 9/13/2020, still have a good amount of time and funds available before they will have to apply for PEUC 26 WEEKS from their first week of furlough. 

Below are the documents to help assist those that have exhausted their 26-weeks of regular unemployment and need to apply now for PEUC. 

Once the 13-weeks of PEUC has been exhausted they can then apply for the Extended Benefits for another 13-weeks extension. 

Below is where on their UI account they can find the PEUC and the Federal/State Extended Benefit options. 

1 Info you need to apply for Unemp Benefits

Also, note that regular unemployment must show $0 in the claims inquiry and ALL PENDING claims must be resolved before applying for either extension programs.

Employees needing any further clarification may be directed to me.

Let me know if you should have any questions or concerns.



Poutai Matalolo
Human Resources Employment Manager
Polynesian Cultural Center
Email:  matalolt@polynesia.com
Phone:  (808)293-3010

2 Extended benefits EP20 guidelines

3 How to Apply for PEUC

4 how to apply for Ext Ben EB20