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A picture tour of some more changes at the Center!

A picture tour of some more changes at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Keeping with the theme of ‘what’s new at the Center’, here are some hidden changes that we came across while preparing for a video shoot. Facilities are doing an amazing job, along with our student workers, who are out there every day making the dreams come to reality.

Let’s see if we surprise you!

Hawaii Taro Pond

The Kalo ponds in Hawaii are getting full!

The beautiful Kalo ponds in the Hawaii Village are a testament to the essence of Hawaii. They are tended carefully, prayed over, talked to, and loved. And when you look around, you see how much that tender loving care has allowed the taro plants to thrive, as they prepare to give back that love in nutritious splendor.

Hawaii Sanitation Station

Sanitation stations are popping up all over the Center.

When you see the number of hand cleaning stations around the property, you know. It’s a sign of the times, but it also showcases PCC’s dedication to the health and welfare of the staff, and in the future, our guests.

Hawaii Hidden Ponds

Did you know about these ponds?

Did you know that there is a lovely double pond on the outer edge of the Hawaii Village? It’s just behind the lauhala weaving hut at the west entrance to the village. It even has a sweet little waterfall emptying into the lagoon. You can see the mighty Iosepa’s hale in the background. Amazing what some plant thinning can uncover!

Aotearoa New Glass and Details

Changes are happening throughout Maori Village! The whare tupuna (ancestral meeting house) is not merely receiving a new coat of paint, the glass is being replaced and the detail work is being expanded. What a loving testament to their beloved marae.

Samoa Stage Area

Samoa is in the midst of a number of upgrades to sidewalks, the seating and stage area, and a brand new garden.

In the Samoa Village, the big shade tree is gone, due to dangerous rotting and the stage is being rebuilt. The stage structure (the second in as many years) is also gone. But by the time the Center opens, it is fully expected to be up and ready to go!

Samoa Taro Plants

A unique way to keep the taro moist and healthy

Also in Samoa, the ancient way of tending taro is being utilized.

Musicians Hut

The Musician’s Hut at the lagoon has been upgraded also

Talk about raising the roof! The Musician’s hut has gotten taller and looks practically new!

New Sidewalk Hale Aloha

Safety first, for sidewalks all the way around the Center

Do you know where this is? If you look carefully, you will see the entrance to Hale Aloha. The ramp, which used to be a bit steeper, is a gentle slope, allowing walking and wheelchair guests easier access to the Center.

Hale Aloha - New Entrance

A whole new entrance to the luau

Talking about changes, look at the entrance to Hale Aloha! There is no center tree, the limbs have been trimmed back and there is a side entrance to the old Banyan Tree eating area. It will be interesting to see how this translates after we reopen – but the ease of access was certainly the goal!

Marketing Building Site

Looking towards the Pacific Theater from the side road between PCC and the Farm.

Rumor has it, Marketing and Sales are moving into temporary structures somewhere along the south side of the Pacific Theater. It will be so nice to be on the property!

So much is happening as we prepare to set the date to reopen. There will even more changes and upgrades. We’ll fill you in soon!