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Hannemann’s crazy good Tropical Banana Bread

Hannemann’s crazy good Tropical Banana Bread

Banana Bread

How many of you have already enjoyed one of Peggy’s loaves?


There is something to be said for having Peggy Hanneman, the matriarch of the wildly successful “7 Brothers Hamburgers” family business chain at Laie, Kahuku, and Utah Valley for your ministering sister. Yes, she is generous, as well as kind, attentive, and just an amazing person. But, come on… her banana bread. Honestly, it’s just epic! 


Banana Bread Ingredients

With these simple ingredients, you can create magic.

When I approached her with the request to share her recipe on the PCC Blog page, she immediately said “of course”! Her sons took a tiny bit of convincing. But in the end – generosity is a family trait.   

As the blog explains, this recipe came from a dear elderly friend who in turn received it from her grandmother, who shared fond memories of it being served in her home when she was just a child. So, the original recipe has been around for quite some time.

And then Peggy got an idea. She decided to throw in some chocolate chips. Then she thought coconut might be a good addition. And finally, she experimented with a simple white glaze on the top. And with that, Peggy presented the world with one of the best treats possible for a big, bustling family of boys.

And the biggest threat is that it is so easy! I am definite a “hit and miss” kind of cook – but I have made a few loaves now, and the recipe seems almost foolproof.  

Wishing you many years of deliciousness, from Peggy and me! 


*Note: If you have success with this recipe, would you please leave a comment on the blog page? Greatly appreciate it! 

 Peggy and finished product

Peggy Hannemann holds one of her masterpieces.