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PCC’s latest progress report

PCC’s latest progress report

So here’s a progress report of some of the things happening around PCC currently as we continue to prepare for our Jan 18th soft opening. 

1 speakers at Pacific theater

2 Bird Nest

The 11-year-old speakers at Pacific Theater are finally being replaced this week — and just in time too, as some of the speakers started failing this year. A big mahalo to our able and innovative technicians who maintained this system so well that we were able to double its lifespan. Unfortunately, it meant that a bird family was displaced when their nests on top of the speakers had to be removed. 

3 Giant DL3 projectors

4 spotlights

These 4 giant DL3 Moving Head projectors and all 7 of our show spotlights were finally retired from the Pacific Theater. We purchased the projectors and spotlights 11 years ago when we debuted HA Breath of Life. They have miraculously outlasted their normal lifespan of 5 years thanks to our budget-conscious and tech-savvy Light Crew who refurbished and rebuilt their inner parts twice. The projectors provide many of the moving effects in the night show e.g. the animation intros, the rain in Tonga, fire effect onstage, and other cool effects. The spotlights will be replaced by energy-efficient moving lights that will be used to highlight our key roles in the night show.  

4 electrostatic sprayers

No. The Ghostbusters didn’t visit us. It’s just Kahili and Anthony demonstrating the new electrostatic sprayers that will be incorporated into our operations as a way to safely and effectively eradicate the coronavirus and several other viruses from the air and surfaces of some of our larger venues. Too bad it doesn’t kill mosquitoes. 

5 samoa main presentation

6 Samoa lawn area

The Samoan village and other venues have started setting up seating areas to be distanced properly to meet our safety guidelines. By the way, Samoa’s main presentation will now be held indoors on a permanent basis. The malae, or expanded lawn area, will be used for rugby practice. 😊 

7 lagoon refills

8 docks by Pacific Theater

The refilling of the lagoon continues, and it looks beautiful! Almost deep enough to swim in.  

9 old admin becomes new admin

10 the Executive wing

The “Old Admin” building is now the Admin building which houses the executive offices for Pres Grace, Jarod Hester, and Eric Workman in the old Training Room. MIS offices remain in their same location and Human Resources is relocating to where First Aid, Security, and the Guide’s offices use to be.  

11 Welcome Center now houses first aid

The Kahuku side reservations counter in the Welcome Center has been enclosed to accommodate the new security office. The new First Aid office is right next to the door to Security with easy access to the front parking lot if an ambulance is summoned.  

12 guides now in Hale Kuai

13 Guides laying tile

The Guides have moved to Hale Kuai which is more centrally located for all their operations and has the added perk of being right next door to Tita’s kitchen. They have learned how to install carpet tiles in their own office.  

14 major construction by Yoshimura

15 Big hole for new pipe

The major project to replace the main water line from the Iosepa canoe all the way to the Yoshimura store continues along.   

As mentioned, these are just some of the changes and improvements taking place at PCC with more changes to share by other leaders in future articles. Stay tuned.