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PCC Organizational Changes

PCC Organizational Changes


As most of you are aware, many changes have taken place throughout our organization recently and more will come as we adjust to our new working conditions. Here are the most recent changes by area:  


  • Kali Volavola is now the Manager of Fiji  
  • Tonu Apelu is now the Islands Office Manager 


  • Kea Haverly is now Director of Facilities Management 
  • Nate Robbins is now the Manager of Grounds and Custodians 
  • Mi’i Unga is now PCC Nursery Supervisor 
  • Talagu Ah Hoy is now an Administrative Assistant for Facilities Management 


  • Anthony Wong as Supply Chain Manager is now responsible for Purchasing, Food & Beverage Warehouse, Maintenance Warehouse, and the Motor pool area


  • Losa Moors is now the manager of concessions and production 
  • Misty Keanu is now Restaurants General Manager which includes the Luaus and Gateway 


  • Sarah Niumatalolo is now Human Resources Business Partner for the Theater Department 


  • Albert Nihipali is now Director of Sales  
  • Alan Walker is now Senior Manager for Reservations, Research and Development 

I hope you will join me in congratulating and supporting all of these PCC ohana members who have taken on new responsibilities. At the same time I hope we will all take some time to reflect on our ohana who have graduated from the PCC and give thanks for their inspired performance and legacy that is now ours to continue. 

Other organizational changes have taken place within each department. I will leave it to the Vice Presidents and Directors to let you know what they are. 

As always, should you have any questions regarding what I have shared with you, please don’t hesitate to see your manager, Director, VP or myself.  



Alfred Grace

President & CEO