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Organic “gold” from the lagoon

Organic “gold” from the lagoon

The lagoon is PCC’s single largest asset and it sure needed a makeover, super cleanse and major detox. So, what do we do with all the sludge from the bottom of the lagoon? We recycle it! Lagoon sludge is perfect as a naturally fertilized garden mix, to stimulate growth in high traffic areas and to spread around low areas in the villages. It’s been amazing to see how much sludge was in the bottom of the lagoon and now it is highly prized on land.

For every pound of solid material, there are 96-99 pounds of liquid.


Lagoon 2

Drying out of the lagoon.


Lagoon 3

Sludge used as fertilizers to these bamboo and coconut trees.


Lagoon 4

Sludge used as fertilizer for the taro plants, etc.


Lagoon 5

Land application means to take advantage of the nutrient content and soil conditioning properties inherent in sludge by applying it directly to the soil.


Lagoon 6

Removal of the sludge from differing areas presented several hurdles.


Lagoon 7

Over time, settle solids – referred to as sludge – accumulates throughout the lagoon.


Lagoon 8

Typical consolidated sludge within a lagoon has a solids content of 1-4%.