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The old days, times, events and people

The old days, times, events, and people

With the “graduation” of many of our PCC Ohana last month, it naturally resulted in many stories being shared of “the old days, times, events and people”. It’s been a nostalgic time as we’ve reminisced about past PCC experiences. Our cultural belief INSPIRE PERFORMANCE is clarified by “I nurture, cultivate and magnify the PCC legacy with passion and commitment”. And what better way to keep the PCC legacy alive than through storytelling to the current generation so they know and can appreciate those people and events who came before them? History remains alive as long as we share those stories, it dies when we stop sharing.  

So here are just a few photos and accompanying stories to help nurture, cultivate and magnify PCC’s legacy. I hope they become a part of your PCC story too. 

1 PCC 1963

PCC 1963 – Here’s an aerial shot of what PCC looked like 57 years ago.

2 Kapakahi

Kapakahi – This is the kapakahi coconut tree that was next to the bridge at the Mission Home. “Kapakahi” means bent or crooked in Hawaiian and this 90 ft long tree certainly lived up to its name. Unfortunately, due to old age, the tree rotted, the top fell off and it was removed for safety reasons.

3 Haunted Lagoon 08 073

Haunted Lagoon – PCC use to put on a month-long Haunted Lagoon event every October featuring the “Laie Lady”. Ironically, all our Laie Ladies were played by men. 

5 Haunted Lagoaon 08 023

Every department was assigned a particular section of the lagoon to turn into some kind of spooky attraction to frighten canoe passengers. When Tonu Apelu worked in the Hawaiian village, they were convincing zombies who tried to board canoes as they floated by.

4 Christmas Lagoon 1

The Christmas Lagoon Steve Laulu leads the wise men in song.

6 Christmas Lagoon (2)

It was our opportunity to share the real Christmas story in a most unique way.

7 Glady Knight2

Gladys Knight and husband visited the PCC.

8 duke at PCC

Duke Kahanamoku visited PCC in the 60s.

9 Tonga before renovation

This is what the Tongan village looked like before the 2016 renovation

10 Waiting for the arrival of Tongan Royalty

Waiting for the arrival of the King and Queen of Tonga to preside over the grand opening of the new Tongan village.

13 Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau'u

King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u enter the Tongan village for the celebrations.

11 Tongan employees - Fiji wins World Cup

Celebrating with the Fijian employees in 2016 when Fiji’s Sevens Team won the Rugby World Cup.

12 Marquesas Show

The Marquesas show when it was an operating village.

Enjoy your time at PCC. Make friends. Cultivate new skills. Create experiences that will become fond memories for you to take when it’s your time to “graduate”.