Announcing an on-line Keiki Art Project from the Polynesian Cultural Center!

The Polynesian Cultural Center wants to support the teachers and families looking for great projects for their children. Ask your keiki (child) to get their crayons, pens, chalk or art app out and show us your LOVE OF POLYNESIA!

Contest & Prize details

Send us an art project you created showing something you love about the Polynesian Culture. Whether it's fireknife dancers, one of our village presentations, a favorite activity, or just a drawing of your wonderful Tutu (grandmother) we want to share your artwork on our website and on the Polynesian Culture Center’s Facebook page. Use your imagination! Check out our YouTube channel or our website for inspiration.

Submissions must be made through an adult (i.e., parents/legal guardian, family member, teacher.)

Official Rules:

All artwork must be submitted from the official teacher, legal parent or guardian.

Be inventive! Pictures can be hand-drawn or generated through a computer art program. Any artform style is welcomed (crayon, pencil, painting, collage, costume, photo, computerized, etc.)

We will accept a scan or photo of your artwork. Please make sure that it is a clear and full image rendition of your masterpiece! DO NOT include a picture of the artist, please.

Entry must include the following information:

  • The first name of the child and their age;
  • Subject matter of the artwork;
  • Artform style (crayon, paint, etc.)
  • the contact information of the teacher/parent/guardian including name and email address

Subject matter must revolve around the Polynesian culture or any events/services of the Polynesian Cultural Center (i.e., someone playing the ukulele or dancing the hula).

All submissions must adhere to strict standards. We will not accept pictures of gratuitous violence, adult situations, illegal activities, strong language, prejudice, cultural misappropriation or other objectionable subject matters. The Polynesian Cultural Center reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the subject matter and eligibility.

By submitting your keiki’s art:

  • Center's web pages and/or social pages:
  • Published keiki artwork by the Polynesian Cultural Center, including the child's first name, age, and type of art medium;
  • Submission does not guarantee that the artwork will be displayed.