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More hallowed than it has ever been before

More hallowed than it has ever been before

President Nelson 50th anniversary

Welcoming President and Sister Nelson to the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Polynesian Cultural Center, 2013

Aloha PCC Ohana, 

Recently, I had the opportunity to once again enjoy the KSL presentation by Carole Mikita entitled “Voyage of Faith” which chronicles our 50th Anniversary. There were many touching moments for me but none more so at this time of COVID-19 than the following statement from President Russell M. Nelson who, as the President of the Quorum of the Twelve at the time, presided over this event.  

“When prophets and apostles step foot on the land, it becomes more hallowed than it has ever been before. And when these men that were sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators come to bless a land, that land will really be blessed. And if the people will be obedient to the teachings that follow, their land will be blessed, they will be blessed, they will prosper.” 

This particular comment was made specifically for La’ie. It reaffirmed that this land is hallowed and blessed. It is a simple, yet poignant reminder at this challenging time that we will be blessed and even prosper if we remain obedient to the teachings of our church leaders. 


P. Alfred Grace, President, and CEO, Polynesian Cultural Center