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Mea Culpa – Correction to last week’s trivia quiz

Mea Culpa – Correction to last week’s trivia quiz

Inkedpcc 1963 overhead with arrows

PCC in 1963: blue arrow – the entrance from 1963 – 1965; orange arrow, Samoa Village; red arrow, Administration Building; white arrow, Aotearoa village; yellow arrow, Fiji Village; purple arrow, Tahiti Village; green arrow; Hawaii Village; dark blue arrow, Fiji Village, pink arrow; night show (now called Hale Aloha).

A few corrections are necessary to the answers for our 1963 PCC Trivia Quiz. Turns out that two ‘facts’ were definitely incorrect. Here are the real facts, straight from Mike Foley, PCC’s Historian – who has researched such things thoroughly (and is now my “go-to” man for all things historical). 

  1. The original entrance was actually located in-between where the Chief’s Fale in Samoa sits now and the old (now gone) Islands Office was positioned, which served originally the Admin Building. It was a few years later when it moved to Gate 3 by Hale Kuai (1965 – 1976 when they completed the first major expansion of the PCC). 
  2.  Hawaii was actually between Tonga and Tahiti originally on the maka side of the lagoon. 

Mahalo to Raymond Mokiao for challenging me to dig a little deeper. Real friends help you to ‘get the facts’, and I greatly appreciate your assistance.