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Keeping consistent with the mission and purpose of The Polynesian Cultural Center

Aloha PCC Ohana!



I was saddened (but not surprised) to learn that all students have been asked to return home for the summer. As noted in the announcement, this action taken by BYU-Hawaii is consistent with what the Church has done to protect full-time and senior missionaries.

The Polynesian Cultural Center was first and foremost created to support the students of BYU-Hawaii. This is obvious just by looking in our PCC Handbook. You will note our mission statement includes the explanation that “The Polynesian Cultural Center is a unique treasure created to support education…” and also, “Contribute to the educational development and growth of all people at Brigham Young University-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center.” Our Core Directives also includes, “Provide support/development opportunities for BYU-H students: We help students learn valuable skills and attributes so they can become effective leaders in their homes, workplace, and communities.”

So, to our beloved student employees, we wish you the very best in your final exams this week; and when it is time for you to leave, we wish you a safe journey home and that you remember that we will be here waiting for your return.

A hui hou.

Until we meet again.

P. Alfred Grace, President and CEO, The Polynesian Cultural Center