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Job Openings at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Job Openings at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Submitted by: Virginia Souza,  Digital Marketing Manager 

Job openings continue to be added at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We would like you to invite friends and family members to look at these openings. Positions will also be available to high school students for summer employment.  We recommend they apply now if they want to work during the summer.  

The PCC has begun a hiring referral program that includes an incentive reward.  It will run from May 10th through July 3rd.  

For details: 

E Komo Mai

PCC Hiring Referral Program

It is easy to apply online.  Refer them to Polynesia Application: 


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Covid Test Results May 3 - 8 2021

Here are last week’s COVID-19 testing results.

Commenting to the MEDIA

Submitted by:  Elder Davis 

If you are confronted by a member of the media always refer them to the Public Safety Operation Center (808) 675-3503 which will refer them to PCC management.  

There are designated people that release information to the media. 

Management will: 

  • Establish a designated press area 
  • Develop media statement 
  • Distribute PCC profile information sheet 
  • Update media regularly 
  • Do not wear sunglasses 
  • Maintain a log of all telephone inquiries. 


Media Statement: 

  1. Prepare and issue a brief written statement 
  2. Emphasize the safety of students, staff and PCC guests 
  3. Briefly describe the PCC crisis plan for responding to emergencies 
  4. Respect privacy of victim(s) and family of victim(s). Do not release names 
  5. Refrain from exaggerating or sensationalizing crisis 
  6. Do not admit fault or liability 
  7. Remain calm