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Inspiring Performance from the student leads of the Island Villages

Inspiring Performance from the student leads of the Island Villages

As of Thursday, August 27, 2020, the manpower in the islands was reduced to just 2 employees per island to align with the new mandate from the City & County with regard to “essential” work. The direction to reduce manpower came from the President’s Council on Wednesday for all departments to reduce manpower the very next day.  

Despite the short notice, the student leads in the islands were able to move forward as directed. For the first time, they had to make perhaps one of the hardest decisions in their leadership positions. To keep just 2 students and refer the rest to BYUH for employment for the next 2 weeks. As tough as that might have been, they each rose to the challenge, and I proudly supported their decisions.     

Since June 21st when all the managers and assistant managers were furloughed from the islands, we assigned students to supervise 4 villages. I knew it was asking a lot of them, but I also realized that this is an opportunity for them to be trained as future leaders, not only in their homes and community but especially in the Church. 

My point for sharing this is to express my utmost appreciation to these student supervisors for their leadership, dedication, and willingness to take on additional responsibilities when the Center most needed it. By taking the place of the managers and assistant managers who are furloughed, they have helped the Center, in some measure, to reduce expenses during these unprecedented times. I am so proud of these young people and the work they are doing for the Center.  I have no doubt that they will go on to do very well in their future endeavors.  

Fa’afetai tele lava to Ilivasi Tabala (Fiji), David Ahuna (Hawaii), Kealoha Gariki (Tahiti) Charisma Fa’asavalu Malaeulu and Spencer Toiva (Samoa), Maryann Lupisan (Mission Complex) , and our two full-timers, John Milford (Tonga) and Iraia Bailey (Aotearoa). Special malo ‘aupito goes out to Fifita Unga for her leadership and services in the Friendly Islands of Tonga as well. 

Proud to have you on Team Islands. This is what INSPIRING PERFORMANCE looks like to me.  


Steve La’ulu 

Maryann Lupisan

Maryann Lupisan smiling as she waters the garden

Kealoha Gariki

Kealoha Gariki in front of the Tahiti Village

Ilivasi Tabala

Ilivasi Tabala throwing a shaka outside the Fiji Village

Iraia Bailey

Iraia Bailey in the kumara farm next to the Maori complex at the PCC

Charisma Fa'asavalu Maleulu

Charisma Fa’asavalu Maleulu at the Samoa Village

Spencer Toiva

Spencer Toiva in front of the Samoa Village

David Ahuna

David Ahuna in Iosepa’s Halau Wa’a

John Milford

John Milford on one of the work carts at the PCC

Fifita Unga

Fifita Unga, keeping the Tonga Village running smoothly