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Inspire Performance & See Ohana

Inspire Performance & See Ohana 

Inspires Performance 

Liaga Uelese spends his time during this closure putting his artistry to the senet rope, called “afa” in Samoan. Liaga is a perfect example of someone who Inspires Performance with his passion and love for his culture and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Like many ancestors of the Center, Liaga’s weathered hands will provide security and shade for hundreds who will visit the Fale Tele.  

LIaga Uelese

See Ohana

Creasepaul Tofa periodically dives and spears fish. Crease loves to serve fresh fish from the ocean with freshly squeezed coconut milk and breadfruit. He never sells his fish but will always share with those who are in need or wants to share a meal with him. He is a perfect example of someone who Sees Ohana