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Important message to full-time employees

Important message to full-time employees

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The Mission Home and Lagoon, 2016

Aloha PCC Ohana,

Today is the last day for full-time employees to opt-in to the Voluntary Separation Incentive. As noted in my letter to you on June 29, to be as self-sufficient as possible, we need to reduce total operating expenses by 40 percent in 2021 compared to 2019. At least half of this reduction in operating expense, or 20-plus percent, must come from labor because it makes up well over half of our total operating expense. So, once we have confirmed how many full-time employees qualify for the Voluntary Separation Incentive, we will then determine how many more need to be let go under the Involuntary Separation Package to achieve our goal.

Judging by the number of full-time employees who have opted-in to the Voluntary Separation Incentive as of this morning, quite a few will still need to be let go under the Involuntary Separation Package. You should know to reduce our workforce further, we will focus on aligning our organization to the changes we are making, such as closing on Wednesdays, no Huki show and limited meal services; and requiring departments to take care of more activities in their respective areas instead of having another department do them.

With the above in mind, I once again encourage our full-time employees to meet with Tai Vuniwai or Seamus Fitzgerald from our Human Resources team, to learn what you would personally receive from the Voluntary Separation Incentive. Whether you opt-in or not is entirely up to you, but just remember, today is your last day to do so before we move onto the involuntary separation package phase.

Here is the contact information for Tai and Seamus:

Mahalo Nui Loa,

P. Alfred Grace, President & CEO, the Polynesian Cultural Center