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Important info for furloughed employees

Important info for furloughed employees

Hamana and tikis await reopening

Hamana Kalili and our Hawaiian tikis patiently await welcoming our guests back to the Center!

Aloha my PCC Ohana! 

Starting October 15, under the State of Hawaii pre-travel program, visitors that get an approved negative test for COVID-19 within 72 hours of travel to Hawaii will be able to bypass a mandatory, 14-day quarantine. We are hopeful this program will lead to visitors returning to Hawaii in ever-increasing numbers and the eventual reopening of the PCC. At this time, we still do not expect to reopen until January 4 at the earliest. However, that could change if visitor arrivals improve more quickly than expected. 

Senior management is currently working on their schedules leading up to the reopening of the PCC. This includes timelines for returning our ohana to work. So don’t be surprised if they reach out to you to check on your status and when they hope to return you to work, assuming at this time, that we reopen on January 4. 

As a reminder, all furloughed employees are expected to receive at least 90 percent of their standard pay through the state and federal unemployment benefits, plus a PCC return-to-work bonus if needed. 


Mahalo Nui Loa and have a great weekend! 

Alfred Grace

President & CEO