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Human Resources on the web!

Human Resources on the web!

Submitted by: Tai Vuniwai, VP-Human Resources 

HR webpage sharepoint

The Human Resource team can be reached at the following numbers which are also accessible in the bottom left corner of the SharePoint Human Resources homepage under the category labeled HR Directory 2021. This link will take you to PCC’s intranet page where our numbers are located individually.

You can also reach our department through our general number at 808-293-3185.

While you’re looking around, we invite you to become familiar with our webpage, full of helpful information, COVID updates, video instructions, forms and more!


safety corner sign

Weekly Covid Count - Week 13

Fire Safety Tips 

 It has been recommended to change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year. One good way to remember to do that is when daylight savings time begins and ends. Because Hawaii does not participate in daylight savings time right now, I’ll use this opportunity to tell you that it is a good time to change those batteries. 

Inspect your fire extinguisher. If your extinguisher operates under stored pressure, ensure the pressure gauge is in the green area on the gauge. Also, please ensure your extinguisher is not blocked by anything. I see multiple units blocked here at the Center – Please do not put anything in front and block any fire extinguisher. 

Fire extinguisher

Do you know we have an emergency booklet common to both BYUH and PCC? Your manager should have a copy. Also, you can find an online version on our SharePoint webpage under “Emergency Response Plan”. You can access it by clicking on the “safety” tab. 
MANAGERS: A good plan would be to review one section each day during your prayer meetings for the next few weeks.