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The Honua Project – Personalizing Polynesia thru on-line media. Introductory video

The Honua Project

Personalizing Polynesia thru online media – Introductory video

Eric Workman has asked that we share with our employees 7 recently completed videos collectively called the “Hanua Project”.

Today’s video provides an exciting overview of the Honua Project:

Each video after this provides an in-depth look into the Polynesian Cultural Center experience as seen through the eyes of one of our staff or student employees.

The schedule for access to each video will continue as follows:

  • Tuesday (7/28)
  • Monday (7/27)
  • Wednesday (7/29)
    • Charisma, Samoa Village
  • Thursday (7/30)
    • Rai, Tahiti Village
  • Friday (7/31)
    • Tuu, Fiji Village
  • Monday (8/3)
    • Tele, Tonga Village
  • Tuesday (8/4)
    • Kawika, Hawaii Village